Monthly Rotas



Cashiers/Duty Officials

March 2017    
Arranger: Sheena McCurragh

Sue Stanworth
Ian Stanworth

Ivor Waddell (Cashier)
John Locke
Charles Bennett
Joan Ball

5th Jennifer Baty
12th Margaret Cavers
19th Sandra Wallace
26th Margaret Maxwell
April 2017    
Arranger: Sadie Whyte


2nd - Team 1
9th - Team 2
16th - Team 3
23rd - Team 4
30th - Team 5

2nd Janey Scott
9th Phyllis McCreadie/Karen Loy
16th Sandra Christie
23rd Sheena McCurragh
30th Maud Mitchell
May 2017    
Arranger: Sue Stanworth


7th - Team 6
14th - Team 1
21st - Team 2
28th - Team 3

7th Alison Best
14th Mary Dewar
21st Thelma Murray
28th Liz Dunlop

Flower Distribution Arrangers

March 2017   Sheena McCurragh

If you are unable to attend either service please arrange a substitute.  You should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the service.  With two services each Sunday all on duty are required to count after the second service.

Due to the illness of some of the faithful cleaners the list becomes smaller.  I am appealing for more people to come forward to help.  What does this involve?  Cleaning the toilet and mopping the floor, dusting pews, pulpit, Communion table, organ and piano and to vacuum the floors.  We now have two new vacuum cleaners which are easy to use and very efficient.  I look forward to hearing from you.  At the moment I am looking for six new people.  Please contact Addie Clarkson.