Monthly Rotas



Cashiers/Duty Officials

September 2018    
Arranger: TBC


2nd/Tm 5/Cashier - P Parker

9th/Tm 6/Cashier - I Waddell

16th/Tm 2/Cashier - M Kerr

23rd/Tm 3/Cashier - B Irving

30th/Tm 4/Cashier - A Kinnell

2nd Colin Crosbie
9th Sylvia Hastings
16th Margo Brown
23rd Amanda Houston/Janice McKeand
30th Andrew McWilliam
October 2018    
Arranger: Amanda Houston


7th/Tm 5/Cashier - P Parker

14th/Tm 6/Cashier - I Waddell

21st/Tm 1/Cashier - B Borthwick

28th/Tm 2/Cashier - M Kerr

7th Sue Stanworth
14th May Thomson
21st Irene and Lynn Blythman
28th Irene Scott
November 2018    
Arranger: Irene Milligan


4th//Tm 3/Cashier - B Irving

11th/Tm 4/Cashier - A Kinnell

18th/Tm 5/Cashier - P Parker

25th/Tm 6/Cashier - I Waddell

4th Irene Milligan
11th Adele Marshall
18th Maureen Midgeley
25th Irene Henry

Flower Distribution Arrangers

September 2018 - Lesley Milligan

If you are unable to attend either service please arrange a substitute.  You should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the service.  With two services each Sunday all on duty are required to count after the second service.

An appeal for help.  More people are needed to help keep our Church building clean. If you want to worship in a clean Church it is up to all to help if we can. And don’t forget that it is also used for other services (weddings, funerals etc.). It takes 2-3 hours a day, once a week, on a monthly rota.  If you can help, please contact Addie Clarkson.