Monthly Rotas



Cashiers/Duty Officials

February 2020    
Arranger: Hilary Austin


2nd/Tm 2/Cashier - M Kerr

9th/Tm 3/Cashier - B Irving

16th/Tm 4/Cashier - A Kinnell

23rd/Tm 5/Cashier - P Parker

2nd Mrs M Thomson
9th Hilary Austin
16th Mrs Hall
23rd Miss Mary Ross
March 2020    
Arranger: Mrs Elizabeth McKeand


1st/Tm 6/Cashier - I Waddel

8th/Tm 1/Cash - B Borthwick

15th/Tm 2/Cashier - M Kerr

22nd/Tm 3/Cashier - B Irvine

29th/Tm4/Cashier - A Kinnell

1st Mrs J Baty
8th Mrs M Cavers
15th Mrs S Wallace
22nd Mrs M Maxwell
29th Mrs F Michie
April 2020    


5th/Tm 5/Cashier - P Parker

12th/Tm 6/Cashier - I Waddell

19th/Tm 1/Cash - B Borthwick

26th/Tm 2/Cashier - M Kerr


Flower Distribution Arrangers

February - Sheila Semple

The flowers displayed in Church are distributed each week to folk in the town who may be ill or bereaved. To be given flowers at such a time is a very real gift of compassion, and one that is appreciated enormously.  We have a vacancy in the flower distribution rota for the month of May 2020.  If you think you can help, please ring Thelma Hart.

If you are unable to attend either service please arrange a substitute.  You should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the service.  With two services each Sunday all on duty are required to count after the second service.