As I sign off the editing of this issue of the Kirkcudbright Parish News, the news is full of the aftermath of the suicide bomber at the Manchester Arena.

Pray for the victims recovering in hospital, for the family and friends of those who have died and of those injured, and that everyone listed as missing can be accounted for. Pray also for our Police and other emergency services who are on the front-line responding to these incidents, and the Armed Forces as they reinforce community safety at this time.

Above all, pray that we can live side by side in our multi-cultural society with hearts full of love, compassion and unity.


Prayer Chain

Prayer requests for people or situations generally may (1) be deposited in the Prayer Box in the Vestibule, using prayer slips provided on the pews or (2) shared in confidence at any time with Charlie and Elizabeth Bennett, our Pastoral Care Convenors.