Dearest Father in heaven our Christmas time is soon over and we are starting a new year with hope that this will be the year you will come.  Pain, sickness sorrow and grief will all be over though some of us live in despair and fear of their lives.  Please help those people lord.  Our schools are going back and I pray that the message of our Lord Jesus has some how got though and seeds are planted for this new term of learning ,as Jesus says its starts with children such as these.  Please father I would like to pray for our hospitals and nursing homes from overworked staff to the people and their families as they have been set a different path this Christmas by being in the hospital or the homes for there families that have to face change to the carers and nurses who sometimes are weary from there path too.  Father help those also that have lost a member of their family.  I also would like to pray for the people in our church as we face another year of change and indecision.  I also ask that togetherness and working with one another as each change comes about.  I pray for our minister, for you Father to guide and lead her, for the interim minister when he or she comes please Lord; ease their path.  I also pray for prime minister and her government of our country as they try to rule and govern our country and prepare to get though Brexit as our people need them to move forward instead of not knowing and our first minister as well and her plans for Scotland be with all the Government as they make changes.  Father give them strength to work out there plans and hold firm.  We pray for our beloved Queen who has been ill this year along with Prince Philip and the rest of the royal family.

The World is in fear Lord - please help the people who live while war is going on as they face dreadful situations , and are in constant fear of their lives, with shootings and bombs from terror and evil men that exist to tear this world apart and damage it forever.  We all need to feel safe in the world we live in.  I pray Father that you will help and use us all who want to help serve the needy and the people who need shelter or don’t have enough food and in fear of there lives.  Children learn as they grow and hate and fear is the wrong thing to teach.  Father I know I ask a lot but father your love and grace are needed everywhere for all mankind for all of us to live and be on this earth.  Thank you Father for listening to me.


Prayer Chain

Prayer requests for people or situations generally may (1) be deposited in the Prayer Box in the Vestibule, using prayer slips provided on the pews or (2) shared in confidence at any time with Charlie and Elizabeth Bennett, our Pastoral Care Convenors.