• For our Kirk Session and Congregation as we seek God’s guidance for our plans to develop the interior of our Church.building to better meet the needs of both Church members as well as our community.
  • For God’s guidance during the transition which we hope will take place in the coming months from interim ministry to that of seeking to appoint a new minister to the Parish Church.
  • As this year draws to it’s close, for those of our congregation who have suffered illness, loss of a loved one, or personal trials known only to themselves —- that 2019 may bring refreshment, healing and renewed hope to their lives.
  • For our politicians and leaders in this time of uncertainty, as they make important decisions which will affect our country and it’s people for many years to come. 



Prayer Chain

Prayer requests for people or situations generally may (1) be deposited in the Prayer Box in the Vestibule, using prayer slips provided on the pews or (2) shared in confidence at any time with Charlie and Elizabeth Bennett, our Pastoral Care Convenors.