The finance team would like to thank all those who responded to the Stewardship Leaflet, for the time they took and for all that they had to offer the church. There were 43 returns and out of that came

10 new standing orders (gift aided)
2 increased givings (gift aided)
2 standing orders without the gift aid
1 new envelope offering (gift aided)
3 new envelope offerings
some anonymous donations
offers of help in lots of other areas of service.

We are very grateful for all these responses.  However we were very disappointed by the number of members who did not respond. 43 responses out of 500 represents a return of only 8.6%. We do understand that there may be a few folk who have worked directly with their bank without letting us know and we are also very grateful to them too; but what does the small response say about our church?

Being in vacancy allows us to take stock of where we are and where we see God is leading us. It allows us to look at our Commitment and what we believe God is calling us to do in this town. Ask God what he wants you to do as we move into this new stage in our journey together. It is not too late to act so if you wish please hand your form into SCVS or to any office bearer. Spare blank copies of the form can be obtained from the church vestibule or SCVS.

Finance Team


Many thanks to everyone -individuals and organisations – who so generously contributed to the latest Blythswood Shoebox Appeal.  We sent off 123 filled shoeboxes, together with several bags of extra items, some beautifully hand knitted items, and cash donations.

Your kindness is very much appreciated.

Margaret Cavers


It has been a very exciting few months for me here in Kirkcudbright. Settling into my role and starting to understand more about the church and community. I have continued to help coach the basketball in the academy with a few successful games under our belt.

We now have three Scripture unions running thanks to our volunteers. We have one in the primary school and two in the academy.

I am very excited to announce that we will be developing the upstairs room in the parish hall into a youth room. This will allow us to increase engagement with the community providing a comfortable place to socialise. This will involve some investment, if you have good condition sofa, table, carpet, paint, tv monitor or feel called to give a financial donation to this project then please get in contact.

My email: or Facebook: @thekpcyouth

Thank you all for your continued support and prayer. Please also get in contact if you feel you would like to volunteer to help at youth activities.

God Bless.
Rhys Loftus
Kirkcudbright Parish Church


Hilary and I are settling into our new home in Dalbeattie, a place of our own after thirty two years in Manse accommodation. At its heart, and providing heating for our living room, is a log burner with three years supply of logs kindly left by the previous owner.  Your generous parting monetary gift to me on my taking leave of you, for which heartfelt thanks, is being put towards our purchase of a new multi-fuel burner. So we will think on you as we draw round the hearth of a Winter’s evening! With Roan and Jean, Hilary and I look back fondly upon togetherness years of gathering round the hearth of God’s love. May He continue to be all in all to you and yours in years yet of His purposeful giving.

Keeping you in our prayers. May our Heavenly Father’s blessing in Christ be yours and may He call the one of His choice to be your new Minister.

Douglas, Hilary, Roan and Jean


One of the many jobs that Douglas did was to change the beautiful pulpit falls at the appropriate time of the year. In a conversation the other day it became apparent that at least two people in the church had no idea of the relevance of the colours of the pulpit falls, so I thought I would give you one of the several explanations available.

The colours used are white, purple, green and red reminding us of creation and the different blessings of God.. The falls are changed depending on the time in the Christian year which begins on the first Sunday in Advent, this year 27th November.

White: is seen as a festive, joyful colour and so is used during the Christmas and Easter seasons. It can also be used for weddings.

Purple symbolises repentance and penance and are used during Advent and Lent.

Green is a sign of life in nature and as such it represents growth, life and hope.  This is used when none of the other colours are appropriate and is therefore used for most of the year.

Red symbolises both blood and fire and so is used on Palm Sunday and Pentecost.

So this Christian year:-

27th November to 24th December the fall will be predominantly purple;
25th December to 14th January 2017 the fall will be predominantly white;
15th January to 28th February the fall will be predominantly green;
1st March to 15th April the fall will be predominantly purple;
16th April to 3rd June the fall will be predominantly white;
4th June for one week the fall will be predominantly red;
11th June for one week the fall will be predominantly white;
18th June to 25th November the fall will be predominantly green
26th November the fall will be predominantly white.

And that completes the Christian year. Please look out for the changes and reflect upon their meaning within the life of the church.

Rev Marian Dixon