Just before the summer the Kirk Session voted to join Eco congregations which is a statement of intent to look at how we live and what damage our way of living does to our God-given home, Earth. If you were at Geoff Monk’s lecture in the Church in October you would have seen that the very compelling evidence that Climate Change is happening and that the lifestyle which we in the west have become used to abuses the gift that God has so generously provided. We need to think again about how we live on this earth and to try to live much more sustainably. God asked us to be stewards of the planet, not to exploit and plunder it with no regard to future generations. I would urge you to begin by thinking seriously about how you use your car, especially for short journeys, and about how much of your waste could be repaired, reused or recycled.

Louise Finch


The World Church Team would like to thank all our supporters who come to the World Church Team's coffee mornings, usually on the first Saturday of the month.

At the moment we are supporting the Edinburgh Medical Mission Society, (EMMS International). Our project supports Mothers and babies in the Dang district of Nepal.

If you would like to book the dates in your diaries for the 2020 coffee mornings, they are; February 1st, March 7th, April 4th, May 2nd, June 6th, July 4th, September 12th, October 3rd and November 7th.

Thank you.

Margaret Hughes


Believe it or not, our Messy Church has now been running for over 18 months! In that time we’ve welcomed guests of a few weeks’ old, folk in their youthful 80s, and every age in between!  We’ve welcomed people on holiday from America, who simply saw our banner one Saturday afternoon and decided they wanted to know what this Messy Church was all about. We’ve welcomed members of Kirkcudbright Parish Church, people visiting from other churches, and folk who don’t worship anywhere on a regular basis. And we couldn’t forget the lovely donkeys, including baby Jenny from Parton! (I think they’re quite regular Churchgoers)!

We’ve made collages, Christmas cards, gifts for Mothering Sunday and origami sheep. We’ve constructed things with Lego, K-nex, fondant icing and playdough! We’ve had treasure hunts, Easter Egg hunts, quizzes and bingo!

Each week we share pastries, tea and coffee for breakfast. Sharing food is a really important part of the Messy Church ethos, as well as providing a warm welcome to everyone who comes along. We share fellowship, conversation and worship, as well as our activities. Messy Church is a way of using all these things to help people come close to God. It’s a way of stretching out from inside church, to reach those who perhaps don’t have any experience of Sunday worship.

Please do come along and be part of the next Messy Church, we’d love to see you there! Bring a friend! Messy Church is for everyone! 

Sue McMinn


The church choir continues to work hard on Thursdays and following their excellent performance of two carols at the Christmas service sang a thrilling account of a new arrangement of “Ride on, ride on in majesty” on Palm Sunday. The work described being part of the crowd as Jesus approached from the distance, passed by in front of us, and moved on into Jerusalem.

On Easter Sunday the choir sang a jubilant “My Lord, what a morning!” another of Geoff’s arrangements of an old Negro Spiritual.

Further performances include June 9th at Greyfriars when the choir will again sing “My Lord, what a morning!” and also John Rutter’s popular and catchy arrangement of “All things bright and beautiful”.

Geoff Davidson has just been appointed conductor of Kirkcudbright Choral Society, succeeding Michael Appleford, and is looking forward to many years of directing enterprising and top-class music-making with this excellent choir.

The same applies to the church choir and anyone wishing to join will be made very welcome. They are a happy, enthusiastic bunch!

Geoff Davidson
Organist & Choir Master


Every Church of Scotland congregation is responsible for its own costs and these are met through the giving of the church members. Part of our vows of church membership is a promise to ‘give a fitting proportion of my time, talents and money for the Church’s work in the world.’ Exactly what a ‘fitting proportion’ might be, is left to the individual to decide. The urging of the New Testament is to give generously and even sacrificially (Romans 12v8, Mark 12v43-44). And the Old Testament practice was of tithing – giving a tenth (Deuteronomy 14v22). Certainly in churches where tithing is the norm, there is not usually a difficultly with income! 

So members have the opportunity to contribute to Church Funds in various ways - Open Plate, Envelopes, or Standing Order.

The most beneficial of these from the Church’s point of view is regular payment by standing order or by weekly envelopes. If you are a tax payer then this can be enhanced through Gift Aid. This allows us to reclaim tax at 25% of the amount donated.  

So, £100 donated by a member is worth £125 to the Church.

Gift Aided offerings can be made by envelope –weekly, and different amounts each week if desired, or by standing order per month or any other period suitable to the member. Payments need not be fixed for any period and can be stopped at any time. Non taxpayers can still pay by standing order or freewill envelope. We would encourage you to review your payment method and, if you do not already do so, consider using one of the more regular methods by contacting Margo Kerr- our Gift Aid and Free Will Offering Administrator at who can provide details on how to proceed.