The Annual Stated Meeting of Kirkcudbright Parish Church was held at 12 noon in the Church on 15th March 2020, the main purpose of which was to receive the Treasurer's Report on the Accounts for year to 31st December 2019.

The Treasurer reported:-

a) Unrestricted/General Fund                         2019                   2018                    Difference
                                                                      £                         £                              £

Offerings                                                      62092                   66277                    -4185
Tax Recovered                                              12321                   11168                      1153
Funerals                                                          805                     1840                    -1035
Rents                                                           18126                  11629                      6497
Investments                                                     584                     339                        245
Others                                                            4905                   8157                     -3252
Bequests                                                      85776                   1850                     83926

                                                                  184609                101260                    83349

LESS:COSTS-Unrestricted/General                  99540                105781                      6241

SURPLUS/(DEFICIT)                                       85069                  -4521                    89590



There are 2 major increases in 2019 which account for the large increase in Income:-

1)Bequests - £85776.
We have been very fortunate to receive substantial bequests and we express our gratitude to these former members.

2)Rents -£18126.
This figure includes £4352 of rent received from letting the Manse during the Vacancy. The bequest money has been placed in a separate Fund to be allocated to specific and redevelopment purpose.  If we adjust for this 'windfall' income, then or suplus becomes a deficit of £5059.

3) Offerings.  Disappointingly the income from Offerings fell by £4185 - 6.3%


Costs in 2019 were down v 2018 by £6241 due to savings during the vacancy and better control of admin costs. Again adjusting the resuilt above for these non-recurring savings increases our operational deficit for the year to £7059.

b)Restricted Fund
We invested, again, heavily in Youth work - £6268 in 2019, and we also carried out improvements in the Hall - £7100. So the Restricted Fund has been reduced by £13368.

Adjusted Summary of Results 2019: Unrestricted /General Fund: -£7059; Restricted Fund: -£13,368; Operational Deficit for
Year = -£20,427.

Prospects for 2020: We have budgeted for 2020, a deficit of £5377. This is before costs of upgrading the Manse and Rev Gatherer's removal expenses, and so we are facing, in total, a deficit of between £10000 and £15000 . In addition, the corona virus crisis will reduce our hall lets (some rentals have already been cancelled), and our income from summer events may well be reduced. Difficulty for some members in attending Chuch may also, detrimentally, affect offerings. This could cost us another £3000 to £4000.

Members were therefore asked to consider the above situation and do what they can to to support the Church through this difficult period. If you cannot get to Church, please still try to maintain your financial contributions.


Christian Aid Week this year is from 10th – 16th May. Please help if you can.

The Coronavirus situation has meant that the Soup and Sweet proposed for April 17th has had to be cancelled. At the time of going to press the other events below are still going ahead but this may change. Updates will be given in future Orders of Service.
The main fundraiser, the house to house collection always needs volunteers. Can you run or walk the Half Marathon for us at the end of May? Previous volunteers are unable or unavailable this year. Don’t be put off if you dislike asking people to sponsor you, others can do so on your behalf.

Mary Newton is not doing her afternoon tea this year but is volunteering to make cakes to order.  A list of these is now available.

If you can help in any way please contact me.

Many Thanks

Linda Kinnell


Until early March, it was full steam ahead at the Friendship Club! On 19th February, we were entertained by Sue St. Joseph and several of the Lyric Singers to a variety of songs from the 60s.

The 26th was a friendship day, and on 4th March we had a treat with Marion Dixon sharing her coffee table treasures which Joy took around the room so that we could all see them close up. Rab Thomson gave a wonderful talk on 11th March with a very personal history of Kirkcudbright Lifeboat, bringing back memories of the maroons going off and the whole town being aware that the boat was being launched. He enhanced his presentation with the wonderful addition of poems written by his Uncle, the late George Davidson, father of Faith Henry, who was Coxwain for many years of Kirkcudbright Lifeboat.

Unfortunately, due to the evolving nature of the present Covid-19 crisis, we have had to lose our current session early, but not before members had the chance to write down some ideas for next session, so whilst we are not able to meet at the moment, we can look forward to better times ahead!

Don’t sit at home alone! There’s sure to be something just for you! Please do come along when we (hopefully) resume in autumn 2020 with our new programme, and remember if you need transport, we hope once again to be able to make this available. Watch this space in the months ahead for details.


On account of Coronavirus concerns, our Home Study Groups are currently suspended until further notice. We look forward to welcoming you once more as soon as we receive advice that it is once again safe for people to meet in groups.

The Groups and times are as follows:

Tuesday Morning Daar Lodge Group: 10am at Daar Lodge. Contact Graham Finch
Tuesday Evening Group: meets at 7.30pm. Contact Irene Robertson
Sunday Evening Gathering: Meets at 7-9pm Upper Room, Church Hall. Contact Alistair Simpson or Howard Brown. 


Some people say the all recycling ends up in landfill anyway, so why bother? Which answers this in this way:

“You may have seen the headlines about recycled items ending up in landfill. Not every item we clean and place in our recycle bins does get recycled – some hard to recycle plastic may be burned, and in 2018 the National Audit Office (NAO) said that over half the packaging reported as recycled was sent abroad to be processed. Yet recycling does save the UK an estimated 18million tonnes of carbon emissions a year – equivalent to taking 5 million cars off the road.”

If more of us recycle our waste we can significantly increase that saving! 

Louise Finch