CrossReach (Church of Scotland Social Care) was launched in June 2005 and continues the Kirk’s long tradition of providing care and support begun nearly 150 years ago. There are some 70 different services from Shetland to the Borders. There are 8 service areas ranging from children to older people, from counselling to actual support of those who need help whatever their problem. This is part of the Church’s mis- sion to provide specialist resources to further the caring work.

In Kirkcudbright we are familiar with the work of CrossReach through Heart for Art. This group meets once a fortnight in the church hall from 1.45pm to 3.45pm. Volunteers who are artists give their time to support and encourage older people who have dementia to draw and paint. Examples of the work produced have been displayed during the Arts Trail at the beginning of August for the past two years. Tea and cake are served half way through the session.

Heart for Art is a very worthwhile activity for those who come and for the volunteers as it is a happy group where chat and laughter is important. Sheena, Liz and Lesley welcome anyone who would like to come, even if just out of curiosity.

Lesley Milligan
CrossReach Correspondent


You may have seen mention in the Newsletter of the Life and Work magazine, but do you know what it is?

This is the monthly publication of the Church of Scotland, which is available through our church on subscription. It is an attractive, high quality publication, with a modern feel and a wide range of articles. Regular content includes readers' letters, a meditation, reflections from Christian writers and ministers on the spiritual side of life, news from churches in Scotland and around the world, book reviews, and crosswords. Monthly features cover subjects of interest from international affairs and British political and social issues, to science, ethics and the arts. In the June editions there are succinct reports from the General Assembly of
the Church of Scotland.

The magazine is interesting and informative, and above all, very readable. If you would like to see a back copy or are interested in taking out a subscription, at £2 an issue, please contact Alison Armstrong or Sally McKenzie.


'Just a Moment' is an initiative of Kirkcudbright Churches Together (KCT).  At a meeting in September we decided that one way we could show and share our unity was to pray together regularly. So, we now meet every Thursday morning at 11am in Greyfriar's Church.  The main focus of our prayer has been the situation in Syria and the plight of refugees, although other issues of a personal, local, national and international nature have also been included. As a result of this regular prayer time KCT agreed to send the proceeds of the Carol service and Christmas Lunch to the United Nation High Commission for Refugees UNHCR) Syria Crisis Appeal. So far, in access of £700 has been sent to help their work in the countries bordering Syria. We have also made enquiries regarding the resources and help required should refugees be settling in our area. 

Just a Moment takes only fifteen minutes, but those who have time chat afterwards and can sometimes be seen in a local coffee shop. Please come along and join us if you can, alternatively stop what you are doing at 11am each Thursday and pray where you are.

Rev Marian Dixon


The Lunch Club takes place every year in the Church Hall from October to March.  Anyone is invited for the meal. Cost £4.  Soup, main course and cake with tea or coffee.


The Fishermen’s Mission was established in 1881.  We are the only national charity that works solely with fishermen and their families.  We offer practical, financial, pastoral and spiritual support as well as a vital emergency response service.  We have staff all around the UK and for every £1 donated to the Fishermen’s Mission we spend 88p on providing services.

Our nine core values are:

PRACTICAL: we aim to provide the right assistance at the right time whenever and wherever it is required, no matter how complex or demanding the circumstances.

EFFECTIVE: We are committed to ensuring that our practical help and support makes a real positive difference to people’s lives.

TRUSTED: we aim to be recognised and respected for being there consistently and reliably in times of need.

HONEST: we are dedicated to conducting ourselves with discretion, being guided by our belief in Christian values.

HELPFUL: no ‘job’s worths’ to be found in the Fishermen’s Mission. We will not dodge issues and we will strive to provide sup port whatever the circumstances or challenges.

LOYAL: we dedicate ourselves to the work of the Fishermen’s Mission and to those we aim to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

TOLERANT: Through our conduct and faith we encourage understanding and empathy towards all those that make fishing their Livelihood.

CONSIDERATE: we aim to conduct ourselves with empathy and sensitivity, regardless of the intensity of the situation and to care without judgement.

APPROACHABLE: we will be open to all people at all times and will always try and find time for Others.

'Immediately they left their nets and followed him’ Mark 1:18;  As Jesus called the fishermen to be his disciples, so the Fishermen’s Mission go in His name to them.

Further information can be found on our website Superintendent Marian Dixon Port Officer, Kirkcudbright.