Gift Aid is the current arrangement that allows churches and charities to claim back from the Inland Revenue the tax paid by donors on their charitable contributions.  By using this scheme Kirkcudbright Parish Church can increase the value of any donation you make by one-quarter.

To be eligible to give under this scheme you must be a UK tax payer.  Each year you must also have paid tax to the Inland Revenue equal to the value of the sum that Kirkcudbright Parish Church will reclaim from your contributions.  Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and tax deducted from the interest you have earned on your savings all qualify for this.

If you would like your regular  or occasional donations to Kirkcudbright Parish Church to be covered by the scheme all you have to do is sign a declaration form. The church will need to keep a record of your donations. For one-off or occasional donations for specific purposes this is relatively easy.  However, if you wish regular contributions to the church to be included you can start using Gift Aid envelopes or complete a bank standing order.  If using Gift Aid envelopes we will supply you with small individually numbered and dated envelopes.  These are then placed in the collection plate at Sunday service.  All records are kept in the strictest confidence (they are only necessary for Inland Revenue audits).

If you would like to start using Gift Aid envelopes or would like a bank mandate form please contact Margo Kerr (see ‘Contacts’ page).

Note:- Should you no longer pay any tax then your contributions would not be eligible for Gift Aid status. You can withdraw from the scheme at any time by notifying the church.


One of our success stories with thirty Mums having now enrolled their tots.  The group now meets, by popular request, in the Church Hall on both Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9.30am to 12 noon continuing throughout the Summer months during the School Holidays with part re-location to the Scout Hall for some weeks while the Church Hall is let for Summer art exhibitions.

Contact Pat Parker for details.


All contributions to be e-mailed to Howard Brown at