The Annual Stated Meeting of Kirkcudbright Parish Church was held at 12 noon in the Church on 15th March 2020, the main purpose of which was to receive the Treasurer's Report on the Accounts for year to 31st December 2019.

The Treasurer reported:-

a) Unrestricted/General Fund                         2019                   2018                    Difference
                                                                      £                         £                              £

Offerings                                                      62092                   66277                    -4185
Tax Recovered                                              12321                   11168                      1153
Funerals                                                          805                     1840                    -1035
Rents                                                           18126                  11629                      6497
Investments                                                     584                     339                        245
Others                                                            4905                   8157                     -3252
Bequests                                                      85776                   1850                     83926

                                                                  184609                101260                    83349

LESS:COSTS-Unrestricted/General                  99540                105781                      6241

SURPLUS/(DEFICIT)                                       85069                  -4521                    89590



There are 2 major increases in 2019 which account for the large increase in Income:-

1)Bequests - £85776.
We have been very fortunate to receive substantial bequests and we express our gratitude to these former members.

2)Rents -£18126.
This figure includes £4352 of rent received from letting the Manse during the Vacancy. The bequest money has been placed in a separate Fund to be allocated to specific and redevelopment purpose.  If we adjust for this 'windfall' income, then or suplus becomes a deficit of £5059.

3) Offerings.  Disappointingly the income from Offerings fell by £4185 - 6.3%


Costs in 2019 were down v 2018 by £6241 due to savings during the vacancy and better control of admin costs. Again adjusting the resuilt above for these non-recurring savings increases our operational deficit for the year to £7059.

b)Restricted Fund
We invested, again, heavily in Youth work - £6268 in 2019, and we also carried out improvements in the Hall - £7100. So the Restricted Fund has been reduced by £13368.

Adjusted Summary of Results 2019: Unrestricted /General Fund: -£7059; Restricted Fund: -£13,368; Operational Deficit for
Year = -£20,427.

Prospects for 2020: We have budgeted for 2020, a deficit of £5377. This is before costs of upgrading the Manse and Rev Gatherer's removal expenses, and so we are facing, in total, a deficit of between £10000 and £15000 . In addition, the corona virus crisis will reduce our hall lets (some rentals have already been cancelled), and our income from summer events may well be reduced. Difficulty for some members in attending Chuch may also, detrimentally, affect offerings. This could cost us another £3000 to £4000.

Members were therefore asked to consider the above situation and do what they can to to support the Church through this difficult period. If you cannot get to Church, please still try to maintain your financial contributions.


On account of Coronavirus concerns, our Home Study Groups are currently suspended until further notice. We look forward to welcoming you once more as soon as we receive advice that it is once again safe for people to meet in groups.

The Groups and times are as follows:

Tuesday Morning Daar Lodge Group: 10am at Daar Lodge. Contact Graham Finch
Tuesday Evening Group: meets at 7.30pm. Contact Irene Robertson
Sunday Evening Gathering: Meets at 7-9pm Upper Room, Church Hall. Contact Alistair Simpson or Howard Brown. 


Every Church of Scotland congregation is responsible for its own costs and these are met through the giving of the church members. Part of our vows of church membership is a promise to ‘give a fitting proportion of my time, talents and money for the Church’s work in the world.’ Exactly what a ‘fitting proportion’ might be, is left to the individual to decide. The urging of the New Testament is to give generously and even sacrificially (Romans 12v8, Mark 12v43-44). And the Old Testament practice was of tithing – giving a tenth (Deuteronomy 14v22). Certainly in churches where tithing is the norm, there is not usually a difficultly with income! 

So members have the opportunity to contribute to Church Funds in various ways - Open Plate, Envelopes, or Standing Order.

The most beneficial of these from the Church’s point of view is regular payment by standing order or by weekly envelopes. If you are a tax payer then this can be enhanced through Gift Aid. This allows us to reclaim tax at 25% of the amount donated.  

So, £100 donated by a member is worth £125 to the Church.

Gift Aided offerings can be made by envelope –weekly, and different amounts each week if desired, or by standing order per month or any other period suitable to the member. Payments need not be fixed for any period and can be stopped at any time. Non taxpayers can still pay by standing order or freewill envelope. We would encourage you to review your payment method and, if you do not already do so, consider using one of the more regular methods by contacting Margo Kerr- our Gift Aid and Free Will Offering Administrator at who can provide details on how to proceed. 


Badminton has been played for at least fifty years by ladies in the Church Hall on Thursday afternoons. Originally by young mothers but now a very small group who are not quite so young. We don’t want to see the club disbanded, so please come and join us or tell any friends about us. We are open to all who would like some exercise and companionship. We play from 2.00pm - 4.00pm through the winter months and break for a cup of tea or coffee. We have spare racquets so just come along and give it a try. Beginners more than welcome. 


The large post box for used postage stamps has been replaced by a small red box at the back of the church to receive your stamps for World mission. Please save all your stamps of us. Even the common ones have value.

The stamps are at present supporting the Giffen Institute of Theology (GIT) of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) who need books. Having recently relocated to Kakuma, a refugee camp in Kenya, GIT is looking to stock up its library for students. This year’s stamp appeal will help do just that.

GIT was established in 1974 by the PCOSS. It plays a significant role in training people for ministry. However, South Sudan has suffered terrible violence and war in recent years, and GIT has been forced to relocate twice. Resources, including books, were lost or destroyed during this tumultuous time.

The Institute not only provides valuable education for students, but supports those who have fled from war through providing training on concentration, and activities encouraging reconciliation between students from different tribes.

Margaret Hughes