One of the many jobs that Douglas did was to change the beautiful pulpit falls at the appropriate time of the year. In a conversation the other day it became apparent that at least two people in the church had no idea of the relevance of the colours of the pulpit falls, so I thought I would give you one of the several explanations available.

The colours used are white, purple, green and red reminding us of creation and the different blessings of God.. The falls are changed depending on the time in the Christian year which begins on the first Sunday in Advent, this year 27th November.

White: is seen as a festive, joyful colour and so is used during the Christmas and Easter seasons. It can also be used for weddings.

Purple symbolises repentance and penance and are used during Advent and Lent.

Green is a sign of life in nature and as such it represents growth, life and hope.  This is used when none of the other colours are appropriate and is therefore used for most of the year.

Red symbolises both blood and fire and so is used on Palm Sunday and Pentecost.

So this Christian year:-

27th November to 24th December the fall will be predominantly purple;
25th December to 14th January 2017 the fall will be predominantly white;
15th January to 28th February the fall will be predominantly green;
1st March to 15th April the fall will be predominantly purple;
16th April to 3rd June the fall will be predominantly white;
4th June for one week the fall will be predominantly red;
11th June for one week the fall will be predominantly white;
18th June to 25th November the fall will be predominantly green
26th November the fall will be predominantly white.

And that completes the Christian year. Please look out for the changes and reflect upon their meaning within the life of the church.

Rev Marian Dixon


Are you a good listener?  Do you have 2 to 4 hours per month to help the Kirkcudbright “Heart for Art” Group?

We need more helpers to assist the fortnightly sessions held every other Tuesday in the Parish Hall from 1.45pm to 3.45pm.

Could you help us to provide one to one assistance for those who come along who may have dementia or special needs ?  If so, then we would value your input.  Please contact Jane Gibson or Sheena McCurrach.  The first session begins on Tuesday 4th October and then fortnightly after that.  


Tune into local Christian radio with our own Mark Hutton who hosts the programme on Fridays at 9.00am live.

A mixture of music; thought for the day; brain teaser and a look at what’s in the papers.

Mark is also on a rota for the Sunday at Seven programme which is two hours of Christian music chat and reflection 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

Radio station is Aliveradio 107.3Fm - local radio so FM signal is approx only around 5 miles out of Dumfries however it is available worldwide on - www.aliveradio.net


The requests for food parcels from SFB have steadily increased this year. In the period 1st June to 13th September we averaged in excess of 5 parcels per week. This is compared to just over 3 per week in the first 5 months of the year. As a result the food stocks deplete very quickly and we have had to purchase staple foodstuffs to ensure that the food bank continues to function effectively.

This means that the amount of cash available for fresh food is being depleted more quickly. So, we have decided, through SCVS, to appeal to the wider community for donations either in goods or financially. In the meantime we ask that you will continue to support us as we try to maintain the service to those who, for whatever reason, are experiencing difficulty in putting food on their table.

As always we are incredibly grateful for your continued generosity and ask for your prayers for us and the people we endeavour to help.

Marian Dixon


The ladies badminton resumes on Thursday, 8th September, from 2.00pm to 4.00pmin the Church Hall.  We would welcome you to join us and bring a friend, or tell them to come and join us.  

We are a small friendly group who need new members, players or beginners.  We stop mid afternoon for a cup of tea, so we socialise as well as exercise.

Margaret Hughes