The Monday morning house group emerged as a result of the last Alpha course about 16 years ago. Mainly we met in the Manse but in recent years Kathleen Ramage has very kindly opened her home in Castle Street for us. We have had some wonderful personalities including Rev. Tom Robertson, Ian and Carolina Mitchell and Ina Davis. Over the years we have studied courses on books of the Bible, one of the most difficult being the Book of Revelation. It was good we had scholars among us at that time. At the moment we are looking at "Christian Community" which we all agree is important at this stage in our church life. We all feel it is a safe group to air our views and learn from others and most of us have had lots of support in times of need. We would welcome others to come and explore more about their faith.

Elizabeth Bennett


Thy Kingdom Come is an international Prayer Initiative that comes with the recommendation of, among others, Rev Susan Brown, the Moderator of the Church of Scotland, and Rev Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is a call to all Christians to pray between Ascension and Pentecost (May 30th - June 9th 2019) for more people to come to know Jesus Christ.

We have decided to run a 24 hour Prayer Vigil from 9.00am on Saturday 1st June to 9.00am on Sunday 2nd June as a part of this initiative. The Prayer Vigil will operate in the same way as previously – inviting people to sign up for an hours slot over the 24 hour period. Look out for the sign-up details in early May.


Daniel Rimmer is from London and is the new Youth Worker at Kirkcudbright Parish Church.  He is also a team member at Abernethy Barcaple. 

"I have been very fortunate to be placed in this role, as the Lord has been leading me to explore youth work and live in Christian community. I have previously worked on and off for the Salvation Army, both in the UK and abroad in the United States. My most recent job in the UK before this was at a men’s hostel near King’s Cross. I have five summers of experience at Salvation Army Summer Camps in Oregon and California, the latter three of which have been in more senior leadership positions, and I have also spent a year living in Hawaii, as part of a mission trip. Hawaii, for all the glamour and the sunshine, has an endemic homelessness
problem, and the gap between the rich and the poor is exacerbated by exceedingly high rents and living costs. I learned a lot about myself, about my faith and about leadership on my mission trip and years at camp, and I am hoping to bring this experience with me into my venture here in Kirkcudbright. The challenges I will face here will primarily be engaging an interest and increasing numbers in our Friday night youth program and our Sunday Schools. I have already made some headway into the local schools, where I will be leading lunchtime SU groups. I am hoping that by focusing on the relationship-building side of things, I’ll be able to
make progress with our youth programs at the church. I am really looking forward to the challenges of this role and am keen to get stuck in!

Daniel Rimmer


We are a small group meeting in each others home. Our study for this year has been The Pilgrim Course which includes, The Beatitudes, The Lord's Prayer and the Commandments. These discussions have encouraged us to review our understanding and deeper application of Jesus's teaching more closely. We enjoy wonderful supportive fellowship, friendship, laughter and lively discussion and in recent months have had four new members join our group. We have led the 9.30a.m. Church service on a number of occasions, and while we find it challenging, we also agree that it is a growing experience leading to the health and enjoyment of our group.

If you enjoy asking the question and then discussion with others, perhaps you might like to join us. If so, speak to Irene Robertson or anyone you may know who is a member of the group. You will be made very welcome.


This month, we have a look at the second of our Home Study Groups, which meet in individual Church members homes. Each of these groups has come in to existence to meet a perceived need for both study of Scripture, as well as fellowship, and each has uniquely developed and evolved over time to become what it represents today. Wherever you may be in your own personal spiritual journey, whether full of doubts or confident of your salvation, whether “modern liberal”, or “traditional evangelical”, or indeed anything in between, do consider coming to one of our Bible study and discussion groups —— You will definitely “fit in” to one of them and be made most welcome! This month, we feature the second of our House Study Groups, the Tuesday Evening Study group, which has, for some time been led by Irene Robertson. Read below what they have to say, and ask yourself the question : “Could this be the one for me”??