We held a recent 24 hour Prayer Vigil in the Upper Room of the Church Hall to coincide with the Festival of Light. This was fully subscribed and many who participated made mention of receiving both Spiritual refreshment and peace through their involvement in the hour of prayer.  It is therefore proposed to hold a second 24 hour Prayer Vigil starting Sunday 27th January 2019 to coincide with the week of Prayer for Christian Unity. 

We hope you will be prepared to take part in this initiative. More details, including sign-up sheets will be made available nearer the date.


Following the service on 2nd December there was a consultation for the congregation about the church building, led by Graham Finch and John Collard. About 70 people took part.

Graham started by giving a short overview of what the Buildings Group had been doing in the 6 months since it was formed. He then invited each person to use three post-it notes, headed ‘Dump’, ‘Keep’, ‘Develop’, to list aspects of the building in each of these three categories. These were then collected and the results are undernoted.

The second exercise was a group one. Each group was asked to think of possible uses and then necessary alterations of the church building. These were all collected on flipcharts – one for ‘uses’, another for ‘alterations’ and  everyone present had a chance to indicate their priorities by distributing 4 dots among the various options. These results are also now undernoted.

After the consultation a soup and bread and cheese lunch was served in the Parish Hall.


Pews - 43 Organ pipes - 11 Toilets - 28
False organ pipes - 13 Communion table - 7 Heating - 18
Poor heating - 11 Pulpit - 6 AV system - 16
Carpet - 6 Memorial plaques - 6 Kitchen - 15
Paintings and artefacts - 5 Organ - 5 Seating - 12
Projection screen (replace) - 5 Windows - 5 Welcoming Entrance Hall - 9
Wooden outside door - 4 Grand piano - 4 Meeting rooms in Galleries - 9
Some pews - 3 Light - 4 Lighting - 7
Pillars - 3 Space - 3 Floor -5
Flags - 3 Blue ceiling - 3 Multi-use rooms - 3
Choir area - 2 Stained glass window - 3 Space under galleries - 3
Present lighting - 2 Wooden plaques - 3 Adaptable partitionable spaces - 3
Entrance hall - 2 Area in front of pulpit - 3 Section off transepts with
Seating areas in balconies Light colour scheme - 2 moveable walls - 2
White paint on the pews Movable chairs - 2 Cafe - 2
Brown carpet at door Paintings - 2 Vestry area - 2
Steps at front of communion Pillars - 2 Chairs all one colour
table GB tapestry Carpet co-ordinated with chairs
Pews in Town and Trades External facades Co-ordinated colour scheme
balconies Plaster work on ceiling Quiet space
Noisy heating system Prayer desk Social space
Excess musical instruments All the woodwork Area for public worship
Back vestry area Main centre for worship Bigger higher screens
White paint surrounding organ Space and possibilities (no Rooms for church meetings
Flooring permanent walls Office, hall
Guts of organ General shape Screens for congregational
Clutter Pulpit falls viewing of what is going on
Current AV set up Main structure of building Glass doors into building and 
Fluorescent lights Pews into church
Toilet Pews but not in white or Trade and Town galleries
Multi-coloured chairs replace by pews made by Window blinds
Negative thoughts local craftsmen Air con
  Prayer tree Community use of building
  Re-use balconies Ground floor space
  Height Link galleries
  All downstairs Ceiling fans
  Presence Access to all three galleries
  Carpets Smaller glassed off worship
  Heating area within main sanctuary
  Gallery frontages Craftsmanship and artistry
  Wooden flooring Insulation
  Sconce lighting New ideas
  Keep organ pipes and  Look forward
  pulpit but move or hide  Pillars



Worship – agreed by the meeting to be taken as default     (2 dots!)
Concerts                                                                        30 dots
Youth and Children’s space                                              21 dots
Community outreach space                                             18 dots
Place of quiet and reflection                                             17 dots
Exhibitions (paintings etc)                                               15 dots
Church Office                                                                  15 dots
Alpha/other Christian courses                                           14 dots
Conferences                                                                   11 dots
Christian bookshop/café                                                   10 dots
Meetings                                                                           6 dots
Spirituality and friendship among congregation                    5 dots
Films                                                                                5 dots
Site of historic interest                                                        1 dot
Live Streaming                                                                   0 dots
Citizens Advice Bureau                                                        0 dots



Toilets                                                                                  33 dots
Remove pews                                                                       33 dots
Kitchen facilities                                                                    27 dots
Improve heating                                                                    24 dots
Screens for flexible spaces                                                     18 dots
Sound/Lighting/Audio-visual                                                   16 dots
Glass entrance doors                                                              13 dots
Disabled development                                                              9 dots
Develop vestibule to include glass welcome area                         3 dots
Extend platform                                                                       3 dots
Small café                                                                               2 dots
Christian symbol at front for focus                                             1 dot
Remove organ pipes                                                                 1 dot
Lift access for balconies                                                           0 dots


Well, that can mean only one thing: this year the Kirkcudbright Parish Players’ pantomine is “Puss in Boots”. We hope you’ll make a date in your diary to come and join the fun.

The show will be staged in the Parish Church Hall on Thursday 13th, Friday 14th and Saturday 15th December at 7.30pm, with a matinee on Saturday at 2.30pm.

Tickets will be available from Thomson, Newsagent from later in November.

Will you be able and eager to come along? OH YES, YOU WILL!


Congregational meeting – Wednesday 5th December at 7.30pm in Church Hall.

This will be an important meeting with the Transition Support Group (TSG) who are responsible for overseeing the process of the Interim Ministry. This group of 6 people met with the congregation in October last year and with their help we produced a set of Aims and Objectives for this particular Interim Ministry placement. They are coming back again in December to see and hear what progress we have made since then. If, as a result of this meeting, they are happy to recommend to Presbytery that the Right to Call a Minister, be returned to the congregation (it is suspended for the duration of the Interim Ministry), then we could be beginning on an ordinary vacancy process – looking for a permanent Minister – in the early part of next year.

Interim Ministry Aims and Objectives from October 2017

Coming to terms with history
Acknowledge the achievements of the past and the many positive aspects of congregational life that continue
The congregation have a range of different experiences of the recent church journey some have experienced tension and conflict and others have not.
Acknowledge the range of experience.
Address any hurts that need healing
Work towards a more united congregation
Discerning our new identity
Improve communication both within the constituent parts of the church and between church and community
Find out what service the church can offer the community – especially through the use of its building
Develop clarity about the purpose of the various leadership roles in the church
Develop good meeting practice
Nurture the faith life of the church
Planning for the future
Work on a vision for the future of the congregation that allows all its constituents a voice and which all can own
Assess the benefits and disadvantages associated with St Cuthbert’s Trust for the future of the congregation and take any appropriate action
Review the current position of Atkinson Place and take any appropriate action
Develop a greater understanding of Presbytery and of the wider work of the Church of Scotland


On Saturday October 6th the Kirkcudbright World Church Coffee Mornings celebrated its 10th Anniversary, welcoming 77 people and raising £343.18, which will be donated to the DEC Indonesia Tsunami Appeal.

Addie Clarkson made an amazing Anniversary cake, decorated with a table, all created from sugar, set for one of our Coffee Mornings.

These popular regular events in the Church calendar were initiated by Margaret Hughes in October 2008, since when we have raised an amazing £22,722.18.

The projects we have supported so far (includes proceeds from several special fundraising events):-

2008 to 2010 Link Church in Tseikuru in the Eastern Province of Kenya, Africa £5,000
2011 The Presbyterian Church of East Africa for construction work on the Mwingi Church £2,000
2011 Mary’s Meals, working in 14 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean working towards seeing that every child receives a nutritious daily meal in their place of education £4,000
2011 to 2013 Mission Partner Sister Pat Jamison, Community Health Advisor in Jobarpar, Bangladesh, implementing a Community Health Programme £7,500
2014 and 2015 Christian Aid Community Partnership in the Karonga district of Malawi, enhancing community based maternal, neonatal and child care £5,000
2014 and 2015 Donation to Save the Children for the Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal £1,000
2016 Church of Scotland “Let us Build a House” project in one of the earthquake devastated areas of Nepal £500
2016 - 2017 Medical Aid for Palestinians, working for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees £2,000
2017 Disasters Emergency Committee for the East Africa Food Crisis Appeal £600
2017 Christian Aid Rohingya Crisis Appeal £500
2018 Wabia Network which funds Microcredit and local projects in the Mwanza area of Tanzania £2,000
2018 DEC for the Indonesia Tsunami Appeal £350

A very big thank you to all our faithful supporters.