We would like to thank everyone who kindly donated Bric a Brac, Handicraft, Home baking, Garden produce, Preserves and so much more for our fundraising stall which took place Friday 30th July - Monday 2nd August which coincided with the Kirkcudbright Art and Craft Trail.

It was wonderful to see so many people, and most importantly to raise awareness of our ongoing fundraising project.

We are thrilled to tell you all, the magnificent sum of £1,608 was raised over the four day event.

Onwards and upwards..………….

Date for your dairy:- September 10th we are holding a Fashion Show.

Please look out for the posters which will be soon displayed throughout the town.

(From Tracy and all the fundraising team)


Christian Aid week this year, despite or perhaps because of Covid 19, has been a great success in Kirkcudbright.

The house to house collection was reduced to an envelope delivery only service with people returning the envelopes themselves to either my house or to the Church Hall postbox. Thanks to all volunteers, some of whom went the extra mile and allowed delivery to their own addresses. The counting was done by Doreen Blackadder of Greyfriars, Toni McAllister of St Andrew’s and St Cuthbert’s and myself under covid rules. We raised £3,255.04 in this way .I also I set up an e- envelope which although only used by 8 people raised £220, boosted to £247.45 with the addition of giftaid. Well worth repeating. Lastly, the Kiltwalk, with extra money donated by the Hunter Trust, was very popular. Thanks are due to Louise Finch who kindly set up the Justgiving page. Walkers were encouraged to donate the equivalent of a registration fee direct to Christian Aid and lots of volunteers signed up for this. The following people walked a half marathon in various ways and in various groups over the last weekend in April, Doreen and Alec Blackadder, Louise and Graham Finch, Helen Waddell ,Vivien McAlpine, Ann Morgan, Thelma Hart, Sue McMinn and Peter Blackburn.

All this effort was well supported and raised the final wonderful total of £2021.45 with an unspecified amount of giftaid in addition.
In summary we have raised :-

House to house £3,255.04

E- envelope £ 247.50

Kiltwalk £2,021.45

Grand Total £5,523.99

This is the largest amount ever, thanks as usual, to great cooperation from all 3 churches in Kirkcudbright and the support of the local community.

Linda Kinnell



The story so far……two years ago, in the summer of 2019 (how long ago that now seems!)  Mrs Marathon applied to take part in the 2020 London Marathon.  Mrs Marathon began running again (after a break of about 25 years!) just in case she was lucky enough to be offered a place. 

In October 2019, Mrs Marathon was thrilled to be invited to be part of ‘Team Parkinson’s’,  the  runners who would be competing in the 2020 London Marathon whilst representing Parkinson’s UK. Shiny, spendy, sporty new running shoes were then purchased, now that a place in the marathon had been confirmed! 

In December 2019 Mrs Marathon embarked upon her London Marathon Training Schedule, 17 weeks of focussed training, increasing running distance in preparation for the 26 miles and 385 yards to be run in April 2020. 

Then in March 2020 with most of the preparation complete, along with all other sporting events, the Marathon was cancelled, and rescheduled for October 2020.  In June 2020, training for the October marathon began again, and once again it was cancelled, this time rescheduled for October 2021.  However this time, organisers asked runners to complete a ‘Virtual Marathon’ near their home, in order that vital funds could be raised for the charities and organisations whose incomes had been decimated due to the pandemic restrictions.  Readers may remember the fantastic support team of friends, family, neighbours and fellow runners who got Mrs Marathon across the finish line on Sunday 4th October!  As a result of the generosity of so many folk, the incredible sum of £5,500 was raised for Parkinson’s UK. 

In March 2021 Mrs Marathon’s place to run in London in October this year was confirmed, and at the time of writing, Mrs Marathon (third time lucky!) is currently back in ‘full training’ ……dazzling the streets of Kirkcudbright with yet another pair of shiny, spendy, sporty new running shoes!!!  (Should have signed a sponsorship deal)!   

Plans are already in place for the ‘Marathon’ weekend of October 3rd.  Accommodation has been booked (for the third time!) and a team of 7 supporters are currently signed up to be in London to cheer on Mrs Marathon. 

The elite runners in London will of course have an entourage of; physiotherapists, coaches, managers, psychologists, sports masseurs, nutritionists etc.  So far Mrs Marathon’s ‘entourage’ consists of; three ladies, whose handbags will be bulging with ‘runner’s medicaments’ and all  manner of sweet and sugary treats for replacing depleted energy stores at the finishing line, as well as two gentlemen most probably with GPS trackers, linked to smart phones for calculating distance, speed, cadence, heart rate, (and possibly even sending data to the International Space Station!) and finally 2 teenagers with a nonchalant air suggesting that they watch relatives run marathons every day of the week!  

So, please, should you see a shiny pair of running shoes dazzling the pavements of Kirkcudbright over the next 4 months, please do give a cheery wave…..they’ll be needing all the encouragement that can be provided……third time lucky!  


(A letter contributed by some members of our congregation.)

The Kirk Session has recently approved the planning stage for a church sanctuary refurbishment programme. Details of these plans were shown in the February edition of the Church Newsletter.  The church sanctuary modernisation will no doubt enhance church worship and help to create a town community facility. All of this is happening at a crucial time for our church and our community. But let us put aside building plans just for the moment and concentrate on what our churches core activities are and in particular about what our church’s legacy will be?

Legacy? Well as we grow older, we tend to think a lot about the past and the good times, or what we perceive were the good times. We also think seriously about what legacy we leave to our family.  As Christians we would all like our Legacy to be that, through this church, we as a part of the Christian Community of Kirkcudbright have brought people to Christ. Remember the old saying; for every soul that comes to Christ there is rejoicing in heaven. Let us change lives, let that be our true legacy to the town of Kirkcudbright.

At this key time in our church’s life, we need to support our minister and elders. But it is also mperative that we, the members of the congregation, play a key role in that regeneration planning.  Also, as we are after all renovating a place of worship, the way this is carried out needs to be thought through at many more levels than just as simply building work. As we seek financial support from within the community and through grant funding bodies it is important that such funders have a vision compatible with the church’s primary aims and priorities.

So, what are the churches priorities? Well obviously, the proclamation of the good news of Jesus through worshiping, witnessing, nurturing, and serving our community. We serve our community in many ways but there are priority areas that so far remain relatively untouched.

One of these key areas is the youth of our community. In the past we have had a part-time Youth Worker linked to Barcaple. Perhaps now is the time to invest in a full-time Christian Youth and Community worker capable of supporting our minister and elders in service and mission. This support has a financial implication, but again it comes back to priorities and legacy. We need to bring in new members; that is what the congregational age profile, the numbers attending services and core discipleship surely tells us. Could the funding for such a worker be a Kirkcudbright Churches Together Project? Possibly through a Covenant Scheme, a yearly donation made by members of the churches and ringfenced to support youth and community work in our town.

There is also the matter of improving the support for our minister and church service provision.  Key to a modern church is a supporting framework of administration, technology support, and Sunday Service and Mission support. The Church of Scotland in this town is much more than just a Sunday service or indeed a building; we need to have a holistic view of what it is to be a worshiping community in this age. So, as the church plans for the building upgrade, we should all plan not just for the physical refurbishment but also the spiritual regeneration of our community.

The congregation needs to know what the churches five year or even ten year plans are, and indeed what are the priority areas for the church in the next few years. If the church needs money for the building work, many will donate. If the church asks for money for a Christian Youth and Community worker to help our Minister or for enhanced church service or office support or whatever, we believe you will be surprised at how generous the congregation, and indeed the whole town will be.

Go for it, Kirkcudbright Parish Church think the big picture, think the future, think people. The church is after all the people. The Lord will provide, but for the church to move forward it must present to the congregation a clear vision of where it is going.

Acts 2: 17: In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

May the Holy Spirit guide the church in the days to come.

May God’s work be done in this town!

Ron McHugh, Marian and Andy Dixon

(Any comment or feedback on this letter should be e-mailed to the Editor)


It’s time to get excited!

When Rev. John Collard was with us, we had extensive consultations about when and how we should improve our building to make it a more useful, approachable, and outward-looking space for us and for the people of Kirkcudbright. We took the decision that we would prefer to do this work as a church rather than hand the building to a community trust.
And now we have a plan!

What are the plans?

The new worship space will be the area of the church that is not under any of the galleries. The pews will be removed and replaced with seating which will allow for flexible use of the space. The most common layout, however, is likely to be with chairs set in an arc around the new platform area which will have a rounded front. There will be seating for 200.

The area under the Trades Gallery on the North side of the church will contain a permanent home for the Food Bank in the same location which it currently occupies. A disabled toilet will also be sited in this area. There will be access to this area from outside the building and from the sanctuary.

The area underneath the Town Gallery on the South Side of the church will form a meeting room. Again, this can be accessed from inside and outside the building.

The area underneath the Laird’s Gallery will contain a toilet suite (incorporating several toilets plus a disabled toilet), and a kitchen area with facilities for making teas and coffees. There will also be an extended welcome area. The partition between this area and the church will be a glass screen extending the full width of the building and to the gallery floor.

The entrance from the vestibule will be by central glass doors allowing for a view from there right into the sanctuary.

Plans to improve the audio-visual provision are already in place and are described in detail below. There will also be improvements made to the heating and lighting; the precise form which these will take has still to be decided.

Audio-visual Improvements:

Our current audio-visual system is no longer fit for purpose and is long overdue replacement. A significant upgrade of this system will take place. Already installed within the sanctuary is fibre-broadband service as well as the necessary cameras, LED digital lights & associated equipment to allow services to be streamed or recorded, and transmitted initially via Zoom. This capability will eventually be used to expand our Church’s presence on additional internet-based platforms as well as on our new Church website, currently under development.

Within the sanctuary itself, the obsolete sound system will be replaced with new speakers and sound-desk. The aged projector & screen will be replaced with modern large-screen (T.V. type) colour monitors which will provide high-definition images. Opportunity will be taken to relocate the control-centre for the audio-visual systems from the laird’s balcony to a ground-floor location.

When completed, this fully integrated system will enhance not only our worship experience, but also provide desirable features for other users as we develop our plans for greater community use of the building.

When will it happen?

Some of it is already in place! We now have the ability to stream services from the church online and once volunteers are trained to operate the system, the Zoom service will be able to be recorded and/or transmitted live from the church building.

The Kirk Session has approved an application to Presbytery for permission to remove the pews and to upgrade the AV system. If Presbytery approves, the application will go to the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland and if they give the green light then we are ready to go ahead. Money is available from the Bequest Fund to fund this part of the work.

We hope to use voluntary labour to remove the pews. We have done this before in parts of the building and it presented no problems. We currently have 62 chairs and have sourced a supply of good quality secondhand chairs; if this purchase is successful, we will have enough seating for most normal purposes. For special occasions or large funerals, we can bring chairs from the church hall. When we have decided on what chairs we want for the building, these can be used in the meeting room or welcome area.

The start date for the rest of the work will depend on successful fundraising.

How much will it cost?

Costing a project on this scale is not easy but we are working on a figure of around £300,000. The Session has set up a Fundraising Team. It has 15 enthusiastic members, all volunteers! They have held their first meeting, which was a very positive one, and they will begin the process of interacting with funding groups to see what kind of grants we might attract. We will also be hoping to raise funds locally from the congregation and the community.

Is this the right time?

It is certainly not an ideal time! To begin a project like this in a time of lockdown is not what you would want. The insert in last month’s newsletter spotlighted the effect that Covid has had on the church’s income and that too is a major consideration.
But we have been talking about doing this for more than ten years and if we wait for the ideal time, the likelihood is that we will never start! The response from the Buildings Group to the plans has been positive; the response from the Session has been very enthusiastic, and we believe that with God’s help, we can create a facility that will make for better worship and a deeper engagement with the community which we serve.

“Then they said, ‘Let us start building!’ And they devoted themselves to the common good”
(Nehemiah 2 : 18b, NRSV)


There will be an opportunity for all congregation members to attend a more detailed Power-Point presentation of the Church redevelopment plans following the Annual Stated Meeting of the congregation, scheduled to take place after the service on Sunday 21st. March 2021.

Graham Finch
(Convener Church Redevelopment Committee)