Ann Morgan, a member of our World Church Team, is taking part in a 5 Day sponsored Trek in Israel from Nazareth to Capernaum on the “Jesus Trail” retracing the steps of Jesus.  Ann hopes to raise at least £1000 to help to renovate the Maternity Unit in the hospital in Nazareth which is funded by the Scottish Charity “The Nazareth Trust”.  If you would like to sponsor her please use the sponsor sheets at the back of the Church or you can go online to or speak to her after Church. The proceeds of the first  World Church Team Coffee Morning of 2019 on Saturday, 2nd February will go the Nazareth Hospital, please come along and enjoy some coffee, cake and fellowship. 





  Dumfries and Kirkcudbright

  Interim Minister

  John Collard

  Period of Interim Ministry

  June 2017 - Present (5/12/18)

  1. What impact has the interim ministry process had on your church?
  • Overcoming difficulties together has given the congregation a new sense of vision and confidence for the future.
  • The congregation have confidence in their ability to discuss even contentious matters in a constructive way. They are able to respect individual points of view and have experienced greater harmony in their fellowship.
  • There has been a strengthening of the spiritual life of the congregation through a new focus on prayer.
  • Better governance has been established in finance and through the Unitary Constitution.
  • There has been a “clearing out of rubbish” – both actual and spiritual.
  • New things are happening:  10 new elders were ordained and admitted, a new organist has been appointed, Messy Church has begun and an Alpha programme is planned.
  • Increased church attendance and more regular attendance.
  • A new way forward has been found for Atkinson Place.
  • There is a culture of welcome in the church and this welcome is beginning to impact the church’s profile in the community.
  1. What needs to happen next to enhance the life of the church and build on its achievements
  • Further consolidation of the Unitary Constitution - working in teams.
  • Consolidation of the good practice now established. This especially important as the Building Team continues its work.
  • Continuing to recognise and use the skills and talents present in the congregation.
  • The challenge to use the vacancy positively. It is a time to continue the move forward not for inertia.
  • Keeping up good communication.
  • Using the time John has left with the congregation to prepare for vacancy.
  • Employment of a new Youth Worker.
  1. What further support from the Presbytery and national church would be helpful to this church?
  • The congregation are ready for Presbytery to restore the Right to Call.
  • When Presbytery appoint an Interim Moderator, the congregation would be best supported in the vacancy by an Interim Moderator who is able to help them continue their new vision and ways of working as they go through vacancy. The Interim Moderator should have the time and skill to accompany the congregation in the work begun in Interim Ministry.
  • When appointing an Interim Moderator Presbytery should bear in mind the variety of people in the congregation from a range of different denominational backgrounds. Also, the link with Barcaple and the thread of theological thinking that brings to the congregation.
  1. Further comments.
  • The TSG commend the work done by this congregation over their time of Interim Ministry. They have tackled difficult issues and emerged with deepened faith and increased confidence.
  • This congregation has huge potential for further growth.
  • The congregation are encouraged to continue to take their view of new ministry into the vacancy.



Commencing Tuesday, 22 January at 6.00pmm in the Manse.  The course will start with a simple meal - soup and sweet.  We will use the new Alpha Film series and watch a 20 minute presentation followed by informal discussion and finish by 8.00pm.  Please sign up on the sheet at the back of the church if you are interested.

Have you recently become a Christian, and thirst to know yet more of the amazing truths about who Jesus was and is; what He taught; why He came to dwell amongst us; and why He chose to sacrifice Himself on the Cross? —- or —-Have you turned in to a tired Christian, in need of refreshment? Has Sunday Church attendance become just a routine, the flame of faith having

diminished over time to a mere smouldering ember? Life’s journey seldom goes smoothly! Bad things happen; loss occurs; our faith can be impacted and become fragile. Some of us will have little difficulty in identifying with the feelings of that famous 18th. Century poet & hymn writer Wm. Cowper. Struggling through a period of darkness and spiritual challenge, he wrote the hymn “O for a closer walk with thee”, in which he gives expression to that cry of a despairing, yet seeking heart: “Where is the Blessedness I knew, when first I met the Lord”? 

If any (or even none!) of the above describes you, or your journey of faith at this time, or if you are simply interested in joining with some of your fellow members of the Kirk session and congregation to re-explore the “Good News” of Jesus teachings and promises in the New Testament, then we hope you will join us! We plan to run an Alpha course commencing on Tuesday 22nd. January 2019 at 7pm. The weekly meetings will be hosted by Rev. John Collard at the manse, where we will be making use of the latest offering in the Alpha series.

Produced in 2018, this series transports us to many different areas of the world, including the Holy Land, which forms background to the talks and discussions being presented. Nothing is “off-limits” in the presentation or subsequent discussion which is offered, and we hope that you will be interested in joining with us for this series of meetings.

P.S. We hope to be able to provide something to satisfy the stomach as well as the soul at these meetings, (soup!) so physical as well as spiritual needs should be fulfilled! 


The Nazareth Challenge

As you may remember I was to travel to Nepal earlier this year along with a group from the Church of Scotland World Mission Council, to look at some projects our church had helped to fund after the earthquake in 2015. Unfortunately due to illness I was not able to go on this trip. I am now walking my way to better health and have decided to participate in the “Nazareth Challenge” in March 2019, organised by the Nazareth Trust, a Scottish based Charity which funds the Nazareth Hospital EMMS and Nursing School in Nazareth. This is a 65 km sponsored hike over 5 days from Nazareth to Capernaum on what is known as the “Jesus Trail” visiting many of the significant places from the life of Jesus and retracing his steps. I am aiming to raise £1000 for the Hospital for the refurbishment of the maternity unit and hope you will think about sponsoring me for this worthwhile cause. All the money raised will go to the Hospital as I am funding the travel and accommodation myself. If you would like to sponsor me online please visit the website and search Ann’s Nazareth Challenge or you can speak to me at Church.

Thank you

Ann Morgan


Every Church of Scotland congregation is responsible for its own costs and these are met through the giving of the church members. Part of our vows of church membership is a promise to ‘give a fitting proportion of my time, talents and money for the Church’s work in the world.’ Exactly what a ‘fitting proportion’ might be, is left to the individual to decide. The urging of the New Testament is to give generously and even sacrificially (Romans 12v8, Mark 12v43-44). And the Old Testament practice was of tithing – giving a tenth (Deuteronomy 14v22). Certainly in churches where tithing is the norm, there is not usually a difficultly with income! 

So members have the opportunity to contribute to Church Funds in various ways - Open Plate, Envelopes, or Standing Order.

The most beneficial of these from the Church’s point of view is regular payment by standing order or by weekly envelopes. If you are a tax payer then this can be enhanced through Gift Aid. This allows us to reclaim tax at 25% of the amount donated.  

So, £100 donated by a member is worth £125 to the Church.

Gift Aided offerings can be made by envelope –weekly, and different amounts each week if desired, or by standing order per month or any other period suitable to the member. Payments need not be fixed for any period and can be stopped at any time. Non taxpayers can still pay by standing order or freewill envelope. We would encourage you to review your payment method and, if you do not already do so, consider using one of the more regular methods by contacting Margo Kerr- our Gift Aid and Free Will Offering Administrator at who can provide details on how to proceed.