The decision taken by the congregation in March was to develop the church ourselves without St Cuthberts Trust involvement. This decision means that the work of producing proposals for the building, getting costings and then raising the funds required, is firmly in our own hands.  In order to progress that a Buildings Group has been formed and has met a couple of times to begin to
tackle the task. The Buildings Group Members are:

Neil Cavers, Dave Crudgington, Graham Finch, Sandy Henry, Kathreen Hope Dunbar, Susan Hutton, Alex Kinnell, Patrick Jones and John Collard.

We have met with a minister who is also an architect and led a number of building related projects, Russell McLarty. Russell was most enthusiastic about the church building and the potential of developing it. He has assisted us in thinking about the idea of an Options Study. This would involve employing an Architect and perhaps other consultants to draw up plans based on a brief given by the Buildings Group. Currently the Buildings Group is continuing to work on what that brief might be. Please feel free to speak to any member of the Buildings Group if you have questions or ideas to share.

John Collard


A short report from Addie and Irene individually on their experience:-

Addie - We had a pleasant trip and our accommodation was really good, after registering and dinner we adjourned to the lecture theatre for the start of the conference. Our initial Worship began with prayer and singing of How great thou Art and Psalm 23 (modern rendition). It is a long time since I was moved by singing to the point that the hairs on my neck stood on end I realised this conference was going to be something special.

There was 30 workshops of which we had to choose five each Irene and I choose different ones and met up at mealtimes.

I chose:-

1) Employment Essentials for Congregations

2) Law Matters Being a trustee in the Church

3) Young Adults in Eldership

4) The Invisible Church

5) Communication Engaging the Church with the Media.

All were interesting and informative and I secured a number of email address for more information if we need them. All the Keynote talks I found Inspiring delivered by gifted speakers from diverse backgrounds.

What did I gain from my experience knowledge, humility regarding my own shortcomings I was inspired to comeback and put my learning into practice?

I will never forget the organiser of the whole event, Hongsum Um, who was always available day and night with a smile or a chat the Holy Spirit just seemed shine out of him.

Thank you for making it possible for me to attend this weekend.

Irene - Meeting and chatting with lots of committed Christians was such a joy and all the activities during the weekend all bought into Promoting Positive Change. It is difficult in such a short report to give you the sense of the Church’s willingness and desire to change and move forward. Personally I found myself refreshed, motivated and raring to go. And just a little high
on enthusiasm.

Key note talk by Rev Norman Smith called “Sharing Faith” explained what he calls our default culture our ABC in that we put our focus on our a) Attendances b) Building c) Cash flow stating that if this is our only focus D being Death will occur. To change this default culture we need to move to a Faith Sharing Discipleship explaining that coming to church is not as it was 20 years ago with different work patterns, different leisure patterns and complex family arrangements.

What inspired me most was that the speaker has “walked the walk”. I spent some time with him should we want him to come and speak to us he would be happy to do so.

Two of the five workshops I attended were appropriate for our church at present:-

1) “So now you are in Vacancy” the main point learned was that preparation was crucial for a good outcome.

2) Understanding the Local Church Review which is a new initiative from Presbytery working out a five year development plan for growth.

The remaining three I choose for my personal growth each having a different focus on a better understanding of your Faith.

In total these put together gives me great confidence we can manage change to a positive outcome.

It was a truly inspiring and motivational weekend thank you for supporting my journey.


On 25th April 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck near the city of Kathmandu in central Nepal. About 9000 people were killed, many thousands injured and 600,000 structures in Kathmandu and other nearby towns were either damaged or destroyed. Our congregation and other congregations throughout Scotland sent funds via Church of Scotland World Mission Council to United Mission in Nepal and these funds are now being used to rebuild schools and community drinking water systems.

I have been given the opportunity to visit Kathmandu and Dhading in April this year with a group from Churches and Presbytery’s from all over Scotland. I will visit United Mission to Nepal organisation; see the reconstruction work and other work of the UMN and the National Council of Churches in Nepal. My wish also is to be able to visit communities and speak with the people who have been most affected by the earthquake. After visiting Haiti for a month a few years after the 2010 earthquake and working in the community, I saw how a disaster of this magnitude can devastate communities in many ways and am very interested in how the people of Nepal are coping with this and rebuilding their country. Also, I feel it is important to let our congregation know how our prayers and monetary gifts have helped in Nepal and to know that the cups of tea, coffee and cakes we share at our coffee mornings will carry on helping those less fortunate than ourselves in the future.

Ann Morgan – World Church Team


Many of you will have seen Sam Kelly out and about videoing and photographing all around Kirkcudbright, and Sam kindly given the Parish a full set of any DVD he has taken of Parish events which is now at the Church office. Since the New Year he has also continued dropping in a copy of any new DVDs to keep the set complete.

The DVDs cover one-off services, Jazz Festival, the school Carol Services, Kirkin’ services, Douglas’s leaving party, and many other events.

This is a public thank you to Sam for all the photos and DVDs he has taken over the years, and for giving us the DVDs as part of the Parish archive.


Badminton has been played for at least fifty years by ladies in the Church Hall on Thursday afternoons. Originally by young mothers but now a very small group who are not quite so young. We don’t want to see the club disbanded, so please come and join us or tell any friends about us. We are open to all who would like some exercise and companionship. We play from 2.00pm - 4.00pm through the winter months and break for a cup of tea or coffee. We have spare racquets so just come along and give it a try. Beginners more than welcome.