19th January 2020 proved to be a significant date in the ongoing life of our congregation, for it was at that special Sunday Service that our congregation gathered and voted overwhelmingly to appoint Rev. James Gatherer to the vacant post of Minister of Kirkcudbright Parish Church. Many of you have subsequently taken opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to that vote by personally “Signing the Call”.

We now move forward with considerable anticipation to the next milestone in our congregation’s journey, which is for us to welcome our new minister as he presents himself, in the presence of God as well as his colleagues and members of Presbytery, for the Induction Service, marking his official appointment as Minister of Kirkcudbright Parish Church.

This special Service of Induction will take place in the Church on Wednesday, 18th March at 7.00pm and will be followed by an informal gathering of members, friends and guests in our Church Hall. A buffet, as well as tea & coffee will be available, and there will be opportunity for all of us to share time together as we meet, greet and welcome our new minister. We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to be present at this special Wednesday Evening Service, which marks a new beginning in the life of our congregation - SOCIAL EVENT UNFORTUNATELY CANCELLED.

As a congregation, we have faced many challenges over the past five years since the retirement of our last Parish Minister, Rev. Douglas Irving in 2015. Following a two year period of “Interim Ministry” conducted by Rev. John Collard, significant challenges have been addressed, and much has happened to bring us encouragement! Our Kirk Session has gained ten new Elders, and there is a fresh enthusiasm to look outwards to a changing world, and to find relevant & meaningful ways to impact the community we live in and serve with the wonderful Gospel message that “God’s not Dead”!; “Jesus Lives”!; His Holy Spirit continues to be at work and continues to change lives; and last but not least —- Kirkcudbright Parish Church is definitely not “dead” either!!

We are now running informal “Messy Church” services monthly (Eat while you worship & have fun”) — We are seeing new (& younger!) faces there. We continue to innovate with contemporary Worship Services at 9.30am every Sunday —- so if you’re bored with too much “tradition” — come & give them a try! If “traditional” organ-led services are what you seek, come to one of our 11.00am Services, where we now have a choir led by our highly skilled & talented organist Geoff. Davidson. We now run a Sunday Evening Gathering (Pray, Worship, read & discuss The Word). Led by our Youth Worker Daniel, we are reaching many teenagers (who normally never darken the doors of a church) at our Friday evening Youth Club, where in spite of their street-wise hard exteriors & attitudes of irreverence, they listen at our Holy Moly time, as we witness to the hope we have within us! Daniel and church helpers also reach out to young people at the weekly S.U. school meetings. Led by Elders and Church members, our “Friendship Club” is now well established, and reaches out to all who enjoy good company, & entertainment. One of our Elders recently estimated that our Church offers at least 28 different events & activities, not just for members, but open to all!

We are not a complacent congregation, but as we gather around our new Minister, to assist him in the challenges he faces, we need YOU, your help, your involvement, your presence! We are not simply an audience here to listen to a minister & watch him get on with the job —- We are it! We are God’s people placed in this town at this moment in time to be His voice and to do His work! Come & join us! Be a part of it! You will be Blessed!


Bill Borthwick has given us notice that he intends to stand down as Congregational Treasurer at the end of March 2020. The work that Bill has done has demonstrated the value of having a designated treasurer and the Finance Committee would be eager to see him replaced.

If you possess the ability and experience to take on this role, you could offer immeasurable support to the Kirk Session and congregation by volunteering your services. Alternatively, if you know of someone who might be suitable, the Session would be delighted to approach him or her. It might even be possible to split the role into that of budget/book-keeping responsibilities and routine cash/banking responsibilities if that suited.

Bill has kindly offered every assistance to whoever is appointed in his place.

Please contact Ivor Waddell, Session Clerk, either to volunteer or to recommend someone else. Email address and phone numbers are on the Contact Information page.

Graham Finch
on behalf of the Finance Committee



Whodunn - them? You are invited to a dramatic evening with two Murders (both coincidentally in church halls) with a reviving cup of tea or coffee to help your little grey cells solve both crimes.

The homicides will be staged in the Parish Church Hall on Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st March at 7.30pm.

Tickets are on sale at Thomson, Newsagent. Adults £6; Juniors £3.

Ken Michie


This time last year I was busy training and preparing to walk the “Jesus Trail” in Israel, a truly memorable experience. I felt I needed to do something more practical in 2020 and will be travelling to an entirely different part of the world.

This year I am volunteering with Mission Direct a Christian charity based in the United Kingdom that enables volunteers to travel and work alongside some of the world’s poorest, to build homes, schools clinics etc, working in over 12 countries.

On Sunday April 26th I will travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to work for two weeks in the Complexo da Mare district to support CADI (Centre of Assistance & Full Development) they help challenge the culture and belief that drug trafficking is the only way out of poverty for young men & women in the Favelas.

CADI operates from an old Baptist Chapel building and is a lighthouse and beacon of hope to the people of Morro do Timbau within the Complexo da Mare Favela community. Their vision is to prevent children, young men and women being lured into a world of drug trafficking for easy money where they are met with the reality of gang violence, crime, prostitution and exploitation, CADI also provides practical and educational workshops for local women resourcing them to generate a legitimate income.

I will work in the Centre helping to transform the second and final floor needing attention and is the space used for most of the sports activities. The aim is to remove and replace the tiles on the floor and walls and redecorate. if enough funds are raised also to build boys and girls cloakrooms with shower and toilet facilities for use by the children using the sports facilities and for those people who do not have adequate washing facilities in the Favelas. Some afternoons I will also be helping out in a homeless feeding and drug rehab centre and as well as a children’s project.

I am travelling and working alongside five other ladies and one gentleman. I am told it is not all work and during the weekend a visit to Christ the Redeemer Statue, Sugar Loaf Mountain and Copacabana Beach has been promised. How blessed am I.

As always your prayers are appreciated for safe travel and good health.

Thank you

Ann Morgan


Believe it or not, our Messy Church has now been running for over 18 months! In that time we’ve welcomed guests of a few weeks’ old, folk in their youthful 80s, and every age in between!  We’ve welcomed people on holiday from America, who simply saw our banner one Saturday afternoon and decided they wanted to know what this Messy Church was all about. We’ve welcomed members of Kirkcudbright Parish Church, people visiting from other churches, and folk who don’t worship anywhere on a regular basis. And we couldn’t forget the lovely donkeys, including baby Jenny from Parton! (I think they’re quite regular Churchgoers)!

We’ve made collages, Christmas cards, gifts for Mothering Sunday and origami sheep. We’ve constructed things with Lego, K-nex, fondant icing and playdough! We’ve had treasure hunts, Easter Egg hunts, quizzes and bingo!

Each week we share pastries, tea and coffee for breakfast. Sharing food is a really important part of the Messy Church ethos, as well as providing a warm welcome to everyone who comes along. We share fellowship, conversation and worship, as well as our activities. Messy Church is a way of using all these things to help people come close to God. It’s a way of stretching out from inside church, to reach those who perhaps don’t have any experience of Sunday worship.

Please do come along and be part of the next Messy Church, we’d love to see you there! Bring a friend! Messy Church is for everyone! 

Sue McMinn