On behalf of the helpers at Mums and Tots, I would like to congratulate all the Mums, Grannies and others who helped to make the small lorry entry so successful at the Parade on 20th August and enable them to win 2nd prize!

One of the mums put up a notice on our Notice Board in the Hall calling for suggestions. This produced 15 responses and then the winner was chosen by everyone—Noah’s Ark. They even had a home-grown Noah—big brother of a tot—whose name just happened to be Noah!

A lot of discussion went on over the weeks between the helpers and children about the Ark and it’s significance. When a bunch of young mums get together it is amazing what can happen! Friendships are made and they learn from each other with a lot of laughter thrown in.

Well done to you all!

Elizabeth Bennett

KIRKCUDBRIGHT PARISH PLAYERS (the new name of the Drama Club)

This year's pantomime will be 'Cinderella'.

The planning meeting will be on Tuesday 29th August at 7.00pm in the Church Hall and we meet every Tuesday after that.

If you've always sat in the audience and thought it would be fun to be on stage, why not come along and give it a try? You'd be very welcome.

Carol McQuistan
Secretary, Kirkcudbright Parish Players


In 2014 and 2015 the Church World Mission Team, with your help and mainly from the monthly coffee mornings, raised £5,000 for the Christian Aid Community Partnership in the Karonga district of Malawi, enhancing community based maternal, neonatal and child care. In the three short years since this project began, Christian Aid’s partners have achieved tremendous things in Karonga district – and they couldn’t have done it without you.

Thousands of women and children whose lives were at risk now have access to healthcare. Your dedicated support has saved lives. We believe in life before death: God gave us all life so we may thrive, not merely survive. By setting up mother’s groups in Mwilang’ombe and Wasambo, our partners have been helping women to take control of their futures and build businesses to thrive into the future. The project has united communities, bringing healthcare to people and changing attitudes that make sure that men don’t prevent women from getting the services they need, including establishing by-laws on maternal and child health issues which are enforced by village leadership. In Mwilang’ombe any fines incurred from breaking these by-laws are re-invested in running the motorcycle ambulance or funding repairs to the nearest health facility at Nyungwe.

One of the aims of this project was to make sure that the welfare of pregnant women and young children was a priority for everyone. Through community participation men, women and young people have been exploring the various issues that prevent women from getting quality health services. Thousands of people have become involved in women’s corners, Men as Partners Groups and youth groups. 280 young people have become peer educators. The most significant impact has been on men, who previously took no interest in maternal and child health. One woman who was part of the project in Lwezga said: "We used to go to the hospital on our own when pregnant or when our children were sick. But [now] we are seeing that more men are escorting their wives to the clinic. Now issues of maternal and child health are not just women's issues as it was in the past because men are taking part after being encouraged by some male champions who were trained in our communities."

Your fundraising has also enabled Christian Aid to buy four motorbike ambulances. These community motorbikes mean that mothers in most need of urgent care have been able to reach the clinic more quickly. As a result there have been fewer home deliveries and fewer deaths in childbirth, and one lady with mobility issues who went into labour prematurely was whisked to hospital where she delivered a healthy baby.

Prayer points:-

  • Thank God for the dedication and creativity for all our partners in Karonga. Pray that these communities will be given the strength to continue this amazing work in the years to come.
  • Pray for all those who are learning that the health of women and children depends on everyone. May attitudes continue to change from generation to generation. - That the maternal, neo-natal and child health project will grow from strength to strength with UK Aid Match funding.

Your support accomplishes amazing things.



An Ecumenical Songs of Praise service on Harbour Square on Sunday 6th August was attended by around 70 people who enjoyed a great time of open air praise and worship. We did have a covering from the marquee and earlier in the day it looked as though that would be absolutely necessary as the rain was very heavy. By the time of the service it was dry, although there was a strong breeze through the marquee which made the gospel reading of the storm on the Sea of Galilee all the more vivid. Thanks to Marion Dixon for organising and to the instrumentalists, singers, and PA folk for helping make it such a success.

Photographs by kind permission of Alec Blackadder.


Saturday 1st July was the 80th Coffee Morning of the Kirkcudbright Church World Mission Team.

Since the first Coffee Morning in October 2008 we have raised an amazing £20,060.69.  A very big thank you to all our faithful supporters.

The projects we have supported (including some proceeds from special fundraising events:-


2008 to 2010  Link Church in Tseikuru in the Eastern Province of Kenya, Africa. £5,000


The Presbyterian Church of East Africa for construction work on the Church in Mwingi. £2,000
2011 Mary's Meals, working in 14 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean towards seeing that every child receives a nutritious daily meal in their place of education. £4,000
2011 to 2013 Mission Partner Sister Pat Jamison, Community Health Advisor in Jobarpar, Bangladesh, implementing a Community Health Programme. £7,500
2014 to 2015 Christian Aid Community Partnership in the Karonga district of Malawi, enhancing community based maternal, neonatal and child care. £5,000
2014 to 2015 Donation to Save the Children for the Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal. £1,000
2016 Church of Scotland "Let us Build a House" project in one of the earthquake devasted areas of Nepal.    £500
2016, 2017 Medical Aid for Palestinians, working for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees. £2,000
2017 Disasters Emergency Committee for the East Africa Food Crisis Appeal.    £600


For the future:  the Team has committed to raising £2,000 for Wabia Network, a small charity that helps to prevent and relieve poverty in Mwanza and nearby regions of Tanzania, and hopes the founders of this charity will visit to tell us about their work.