This is an advance notice that Christian Aid Week will be from 14th – 20th May this year. We will be asking for your help with the great task of house to house collecting as well as help with the big count in the following week.

If you wish to be more energetic please come along to walk the Kirkcudbright Half Marathon at the end of May.

Failing all of these, Mary Newton has promised more tea and cake at her house, again this year.

If you wish to help in any way or have any fundraising ideas of your own, please contact Linda Kinnell.


The Youth need you!

We are looking to start a Coffee bar in the Parish hall on Friday afternoons, 3.30pm-5.00pm for young people aged 11-18.

This is a social space for young people to come relax and have some fun after school.

Can you welcome people, make a good cup of tea and listen to others, play table tennis and other games, tidy up after others and most importantly bake a good cake. If you can do even one of these things then you're exactly the person we need. Weekly, monthly whatever time you can give will be valued.

If you feel you can't volunteer your time but can give a small financial contribution to allow for growth then that would also be appreciated.

Please do not hesitate to contact Rhys if you require any more information or would like to volunteer.

I look forward to hearing from you. God bless.

Rhys Loftus
Church Youth Worker


At the Kirk Session, on Thursday 16th February, it was agreed that the proposal to have joint services at 10.15am on 5th March, 2nd April and 16th April, was passed. That decision means that our time of Party, Prayer, and Worship Together in Lent will go ahead in the full form I proposed.

Holy Communion will be celebrated at all three services. As would normally happen at the 11.00am on the 1st Sunday in March and April communion will be after the 10.15am services on those days. However, the one on Easter Sunday, 16th April 10.15am, will be part of the service, giving us all the opportunity of sharing Communion together on one of the most important and significant days in the Christian calendar.

Maybe, by the time you read this, we will have had our Pancake P.00pm and 6.30pm, every Saturday between 10.00am and 10.30am, all in the Church.  Please make use of the Prayer booklet, available in the entrance to the Church, for everyone, whether you come along to church to pray or use the prayers for your personal prayer time.

Planning for the Easter egg hunt will begin tomorrow and further details will be available shortly.

I pray that God will richly bless us as we look towards our Lord‘s Passion and death and
prepare ourselves to celebrate with joy His wondrous resurrection.

Every blessing



Lent Soup Lunches start on Friday 3 March, and will be held every Friday for 6 weeks. They take place in the Bowling Club at 12.30pm. There are no tickets but we ask for donations which will be sent to an appropriate emergency appeal. Why not come along? It's very informal with just a bowl of soup and friendly chat.

If you could make soup and/or help on 31 March or 7 April, that would really be appreciated. Please phone Ann or Sally.

Lent Study groups will meet as follows: Mondays at 10.00am, beginning on 6 March (led by Rev Marian Dixon) at 12 Castle Street, and Wednesdays at 7.00pm in St Andrew and St Cuthberts Church Hall (led by Rev David Preston), beginning on March 8. You will be made very welcome at either of these but it would be helpful if you could phone Marian beforehand so that booklets can be ordered.

There will be a short walk of witness on Good Friday, starting outside St Andrew and St Cuthberts Church at 10.00am, moving on towards Greyfriars, and ending up at the cross in our church grounds.

Come and join us!


Thanks to the generosity of the people of Kirkcudbright, the Kirkcudbright Fairtrade Group has been able to donate sufficient money to buy 6 ploughs for women rice farmers in Karonga, Malawi, where, up till now, they tilled the land mostly by hand. Small farmers in Karonga, many of them women, produce Kilombero fairly traded rice. Kilombero Rice is one of the products distributed by Just Trading Scotland, based in Paisley, a fair trade organisation working with smallholder co -operatives, seeking to provide sustainable incomes and wellbeing for smaller farmers, producers and their families.

“Your incredible donation of not just one plough but of over 6, will not only help to reduce the toll of manual labour, but will also help to increase food productivity and will enable mothers and fathers to spend more time being parents to their children. On behalf of the farmers of Malawi, Thank You!” - (Letter from JTS)

In July this year we completed our 7th 90kg Kilombero Rice Challenge. Each 90 kg you have bought enables a farmer to send a son or daughter to secondary school for one year.

Thank You