The Journey continues - towards raising the £300,000 needed to carry out the planned major renovation of the Church interior to make it fit for a variety of both church and community purposes as we go forward into the future.

Drop into the ‘Pop-up-shop’ Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd August from 10.00am - 4.00pm at the Station Cookery School, St Mary Street, raising funds for the Church Redevelopment Project.

Any donations gratefully received bric a brac, craftwork, preserves.

Please telephone:- Tracy Jones.


The General Assembly agreed to invite all churches to hold a Giving Day at any time between 5th September and 31st October. All money raised will be held by local congregations and will not affect assessment for contributions to the Ministry and Mission Fund.

Plans for our participation will be discussed over the summer and more details will appear in the September Newsletter.

Let Amazon help pay for our church’s renovation!

For those of you who use Amazon regularly or occasionally, you can arrange to have at least 0.5% of all that you spend donated to the church’s redevelopment fund.

There is a link on the church Facebook page or follow the instructions below.

Here is how you do it:

1. Go to https://smile.amazon.co.uk

2. Click on ‘Get Started”

3 Add the email or mobile phone number you use on your Amazon account and click continue. If you do not have an account, click on ‘Create your Amazon account’ and follow the instructions.

4. Enter your password

5 In the box that says ‘enter charity name,’ enter ‘Kirkcudbright Parish Church”

6. Select Kirkcudbright Parish Church of Scotland

7. Ensure that any purchases you make are made on the smile.amazon.co.uk site and not the amazon.co.uk site. Thank You. Graham Finch (Finance Convener)


Christian Aid week this year, despite or perhaps because of Covid 19, has been a great success in Kirkcudbright.

The house to house collection was reduced to an envelope delivery only service with people returning the envelopes themselves to either my house or to the Church Hall postbox. Thanks to all volunteers, some of whom went the extra mile and allowed delivery to their own addresses. The counting was done by Doreen Blackadder of Greyfriars, Toni McAllister of St Andrew’s and St Cuthbert’s and myself under covid rules. We raised £3,255.04 in this way .I also I set up an e- envelope which although only used by 8 people raised £220, boosted to £247.45 with the addition of giftaid. Well worth repeating. Lastly, the Kiltwalk, with extra money donated by the Hunter Trust, was very popular. Thanks are due to Louise Finch who kindly set up the Justgiving page. Walkers were encouraged to donate the equivalent of a registration fee direct to Christian Aid and lots of volunteers signed up for this. The following people walked a half marathon in various ways and in various groups over the last weekend in April, Doreen and Alec Blackadder, Louise and Graham Finch, Helen Waddell ,Vivien McAlpine, Ann Morgan, Thelma Hart, Sue McMinn and Peter Blackburn.

All this effort was well supported and raised the final wonderful total of £2021.45 with an unspecified amount of giftaid in addition.
In summary we have raised :-

House to house £3,255.04

E- envelope £ 247.50

Kiltwalk £2,021.45

Grand Total £5,523.99

This is the largest amount ever, thanks as usual, to great cooperation from all 3 churches in Kirkcudbright and the support of the local community.

Linda Kinnell


For me, June, July and August bring three out of my four little grandchildren’s birthdays, my lovely mum’s birthday, my equally lovely daughter’s birthday, and in  August, God willing, the promise of a new grandchild, as yet unborn, so all in all, a great deal for me personally to be very thankful for.

And for all of us, the joy of summer days, with hedgerows and verges abounding with wildflowers, blue skies and green fields and wildlife in abundance, all things that make our hearts sing.

However, I am only too aware that this may not be the case for all of us. James  reminded us in Church only on Sunday that it was nine months since he had found  himself in an operating theatre facing major surgery and how much he was helped by the loving support of those who were lighting candles and praying for him. No  matter what you, or someone you care about, are facing personally, the pastoral care team are here to help.

Please either leave a message on the prayer tree, or post a message in the posting box, or alternatively speak to Irene Robertson, all in complete confidence, and we will do our very best to help you.



The story so far……two years ago, in the summer of 2019 (how long ago that now seems!)  Mrs Marathon applied to take part in the 2020 London Marathon.  Mrs Marathon began running again (after a break of about 25 years!) just in case she was lucky enough to be offered a place. 

In October 2019, Mrs Marathon was thrilled to be invited to be part of ‘Team Parkinson’s’,  the  runners who would be competing in the 2020 London Marathon whilst representing Parkinson’s UK. Shiny, spendy, sporty new running shoes were then purchased, now that a place in the marathon had been confirmed! 

In December 2019 Mrs Marathon embarked upon her London Marathon Training Schedule, 17 weeks of focussed training, increasing running distance in preparation for the 26 miles and 385 yards to be run in April 2020. 

Then in March 2020 with most of the preparation complete, along with all other sporting events, the Marathon was cancelled, and rescheduled for October 2020.  In June 2020, training for the October marathon began again, and once again it was cancelled, this time rescheduled for October 2021.  However this time, organisers asked runners to complete a ‘Virtual Marathon’ near their home, in order that vital funds could be raised for the charities and organisations whose incomes had been decimated due to the pandemic restrictions.  Readers may remember the fantastic support team of friends, family, neighbours and fellow runners who got Mrs Marathon across the finish line on Sunday 4th October!  As a result of the generosity of so many folk, the incredible sum of £5,500 was raised for Parkinson’s UK. 

In March 2021 Mrs Marathon’s place to run in London in October this year was confirmed, and at the time of writing, Mrs Marathon (third time lucky!) is currently back in ‘full training’ ……dazzling the streets of Kirkcudbright with yet another pair of shiny, spendy, sporty new running shoes!!!  (Should have signed a sponsorship deal)!   

Plans are already in place for the ‘Marathon’ weekend of October 3rd.  Accommodation has been booked (for the third time!) and a team of 7 supporters are currently signed up to be in London to cheer on Mrs Marathon. 

The elite runners in London will of course have an entourage of; physiotherapists, coaches, managers, psychologists, sports masseurs, nutritionists etc.  So far Mrs Marathon’s ‘entourage’ consists of; three ladies, whose handbags will be bulging with ‘runner’s medicaments’ and all  manner of sweet and sugary treats for replacing depleted energy stores at the finishing line, as well as two gentlemen most probably with GPS trackers, linked to smart phones for calculating distance, speed, cadence, heart rate, (and possibly even sending data to the International Space Station!) and finally 2 teenagers with a nonchalant air suggesting that they watch relatives run marathons every day of the week!  

So, please, should you see a shiny pair of running shoes dazzling the pavements of Kirkcudbright over the next 4 months, please do give a cheery wave…..they’ll be needing all the encouragement that can be provided……third time lucky!