Saturday 1st July was the 80th Coffee Morning of the Kirkcudbright Church World Mission Team.

Since the first Coffee Morning in October 2008 we have raised an amazing £20,060.69.  A very big thank you to all our faithful supporters.

The projects we have supported (including some proceeds from special fundraising events:-


2008 to 2010  Link Church in Tseikuru in the Eastern Province of Kenya, Africa. £5,000


The Presbyterian Church of East Africa for construction work on the Church in Mwingi. £2,000
2011 Mary's Meals, working in 14 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean towards seeing that every child receives a nutritious daily meal in their place of education. £4,000
2011 to 2013 Mission Partner Sister Pat Jamison, Community Health Advisor in Jobarpar, Bangladesh, implementing a Community Health Programme. £7,500
2014 to 2015 Christian Aid Community Partnership in the Karonga district of Malawi, enhancing community based maternal, neonatal and child care. £5,000
2014 to 2015 Donation to Save the Children for the Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal. £1,000
2016 Church of Scotland "Let us Build a House" project in one of the earthquake devasted areas of Nepal.    £500
2016, 2017 Medical Aid for Palestinians, working for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees. £2,000
2017 Disasters Emergency Committee for the East Africa Food Crisis Appeal.    £600


For the future:  the Team has committed to raising £2,000 for Wabia Network, a small charity that helps to prevent and relieve poverty in Mwanza and nearby regions of Tanzania, and hopes the founders of this charity will visit to tell us about their work.


The Big Top Holiday Bible Club will run from 14th to 18th August for 5 - 11 years in the Church Hall.  Contact Rhys for pre-registration forms and more information or search "The Big Top Kirkcudbright Holiday Bible Club" on Facebook for the event. Volunteers needed.


Christian Aid week this year, as ever, has promised the opportunity for all three churches within Kirkcudbright to work together and we have done that well again. As organizer, this was especially difficult for me because of my back problems, I am now better and much appreciate all your concern, kind thoughts and offers of help.

I have to thank all of you who participated in the house to house collection. Not every district was covered but we still raised £3,908.65. Mary Newton’s Tea was a further success, raising £333,94. Even better she has promised to do it again next year. The sponsored Half Marathon raised £961.50 thanks to Doreen Blackadder of Greyfriars and to my husband Alex who stepped in at the last minute to do the walk for me. My hero!

This gave us a grand total of £5,204.09, slightly less than last year but a fantastic effort for our wee small toun.

Finally, thanks to all who gave of your time and money, with you none of this effort would be worthwhile.

Linda Kinnell

From the Editor: THANK YOU LINDA for organising the Christian Aid collection for Kirkcudbright Churches Together.


In the run-up to the changeover from me, as Locum, to John, as your Interim Minister, I totally ‘lost sight’ of the closing date for the newsletter for June. So, this is by way of a brief, and somewhat belated, thanks to all of you for the way in which you accepted, encouraged and worked with me during my time as your Locum Minister. I am now, as Andy put it, minister without portfolio, or put another way, back to being a member of the congregation, ready to work alongside all of you.

As we work together in the future, we believe that Christ is with us as we serve Him in the church, the community and maybe beyond.

I leave you with this verse: John 15:5;
If we remain in Him we can do anything, apart from Him we can do nothing.

Thank you all and may God bless us as we go into the future together.



I am sure you are all aware of the boards outside the church telling passers by of the church history. We were required to do this to complete the grant we received from Historic Scotland Fund for our Church restoration.

We have only one thing left to. We have to open the church to the public during the summer months for two days a week and we have 1000 information leaflets already printed to hand out to visitors. The two days will be Wednesday and Thursday, there will be three sessions a day, being 10 am-12 noon, 12 noon to 2pm and 2pm to 4pm.

THIS IS WITHOUT DOUBT A PLEA FROM YOUR SESSION CLERK for members of the congregation to show off our church. How can you help? Talk to me at church, stop me in the street or call me.

Let’s make people visiting our church feel welcome and experience a congregation delighted to SHOW OFF not only our building but also ourselves.

Waiting in anticipation for your response.

Irene Robertson