There has become available to rent a 1 bedroom ground floor flat at No.4 Atkinson Place.

Application forms are available from G M Thomson & Co, 27 King Street, Castle Douglas DG7 1AB.

Closing date for applications is 28th February 2019.


Daniel Rimmer has been appointed to the jointly funded post between Abernethy Trust Barcaple and Kirkcudbright Parish Church. His responsibilities at the Parish Church will be for two days a week Youth Work. Daniel will be starting work on 18th February 2019 and we look forward very much to welcoming him and working with him in the days ahead. Please remember him in your prayers as he takes up his new responsibilities.

FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT 2019 - 25th February to 10th March

Each year for two weeks over February and March, Fairtrade puts a spotlight on trade through the Fairtrade Fortnight campaign.

Together with Fairtrade farmers and workers, and campaigners up and down the country, including the Kirkcudbright Fairtrade Group, they highlight the difference fair trade can make to lives and communities.

Fairtrade Fortnight is the time of the year to celebrate Fairtrade achievements, whilst encouraging further commitments from all of us - the general public, companies and governments - to take action for fairer trade.

This year, Fairtrade Fortnight will focus on cocoa. Farmers of this iconic Fairtrade product have seen prices crash to crisis levels in the last few years, particularly in West Africa where most cocoa is grown. The situation highlights in stark terms the scandal of unfair trade. Many farmers – both men and women – are underpaid and exploited. That means they can’t earn enough for the basics many of us take for granted, including food, education and housing, because they don’t earn a living income. It’s even worse for the women who work in the fields and in the home. Despite the hard work they put in, they’re often overlooked and under-represented, and usually see even less of the money for their crop. They deserve more.So, the voices and stories of women farmers will be at the heart of Fairtrade Fortnight. By recognising those special women round us during Fairtrade Fortnight, we can create a platform for the amazing and inspiring women farmers across the Fairtrade network. They are leading the way in changing attitudes, behaviours and, ultimately, their communities.

Raising the bar: beyond the FAIRTRADE Mark

Buying more Fairtrade cocoa can catalyse transformative change for producer communities, but more needs to be done to truly over-come the injustice at the heart of this much-loved product. This year, an ambitious new 3-year campaign will be launched to encourage everyone in the cocoa sector – consumers, companies, governments and others – to play their part and make a living income a reality for cocoa farmers.

In 2018 Fairtrade items worth £1587.40 were sold via the Traidcraft weekly stall in the Parish Church Hall. This includes £249.35 of household items for use in the Parish Church and Hall, thereby implementing the decision that as a Fairtrade Church, Fairtrade items should be used wherever possible, not just in catering. Last year’s total sales were £1171.59. A big thank-you to everyone for supporting Fairtrade, and let’s see if in 2019 we can again increase sales.

Watch out for news about the activities planned by our local Fairtrade group during Fairtrade Fortnight!

Compiled from the Fairtrade Foundation website (www.fairtrade.org.uk) in co-operation with Greyfriars.

Don’t Feed Exploitation!

Choose Fairtrade!


Having been formed by Traidcraft plc, Traidcraft Exchange – a separate, legal charity - still works closely with the business, and many people still support their work through donating their profits back to the charity and making top up donations when ordering stock. This is what the Fairtrade Group in Kirkcudbright have been doing for many years.

As Traidcraft plc will be downsizing and restructuring, the funds received from donations of profits and top-up donations to Traidcraft Exchange are likely to decrease by around 40%. The charity is therefore working hard to ensure the impact of such a significant reduction in funding on the 300,000 people they are currently working with across the developing world is kept to the minimum.

At the same time they are trying to raise some additional funds to assist those plc producers who have been affected by the downsizing of the business. Their small team of experts have worked with producers all over the world, and are offering their expertise to some of those groups affected by the restructure of the business.

They intend to develop tailored plans for affected groups they believe they are able to help, focusing on things like finding new buyers and new markets, support with new designs and alternative products, and advice on setting up export processes. Where necessary and funding permitting, they’ll offer direct financial support, especially for those groups who run community outreach projects which will need urgent short-term funding.

Alongside this, they will be continuing the core work, supporting some of the world’s most vulnerable to secure a fairer future and get a better deal from trade.

How we can help?

• Make a regular gift to Traidcraft Exchange
• Sign up to receive updates and news

Compiled from the Traidcraft website (www.traidcraft.org.uk) in co-operation with Greyfriars.


Ann Morgan, a member of our World Church Team, is taking part in a 5 Day sponsored Trek in Israel from Nazareth to Capernaum on the “Jesus Trail” retracing the steps of Jesus.  Ann hopes to raise at least £1000 to help to renovate the Maternity Unit in the hospital in Nazareth which is funded by the Scottish Charity “The Nazareth Trust”.  If you would like to sponsor her please use the sponsor sheets at the back of the Church or you can go online to https://nazarethchallenge19.everydayhero.com/uk/ann-s-nazareth-challenge or speak to her after Church. The proceeds of the first  World Church Team Coffee Morning of 2019 on Saturday, 2nd February will go the Nazareth Hospital, please come along and enjoy some coffee, cake and fellowship.