The Board had agreed to hire a skip in order to have a thorough clean out of the Church Hall. All organisations who have items stored in the Hall are asked to sort their items.

The skip will be in place for two weeks from 3rd April on the road outside.  It will be locked and arrangements for the key will be made known to anyone needing it.  We cannot put paint in the skip.

A programme of available times will be posted in the Church Hall, and for any queries.  Contact Kim Lowe.  No sorting can be done from Friday afternoon on 13th April or any time on 14th due to be Café Largo event.


Christian Aid Week is approaching and this year it will be from 13th – 19th May. I am appealing for your help, yet again, in this great task.

The house to house collection is our greatest fundraiser so volunteers for this task are most important. In addition we need helpers to count the money and 2 or 3 people to make soup for these helpers.

If you are fit or want to get fit please consider walking (or running) the Kirkcudbright Half Marathon for us. Continuing back problems mean that I am unlikely to do this myself this year but will help in getting sponsors for others.

Mary Newton will again be doing her famous tea for us. Any new ideas will be most welcome.

If you can help in any way please contact me.

Many Thanks.

Linda Kinnell


On 25th April 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck near the city of Kathmandu in central Nepal. About 9000 people were killed, many thousands injured and 600,000 structures in Kathmandu and other nearby towns were either damaged or destroyed. Our congregation and other congregations throughout Scotland sent funds via Church of Scotland World Mission Council to United Mission in Nepal and these funds are now being used to rebuild schools and community drinking water systems.

I have been given the opportunity to visit Kathmandu and Dhading in April this year with a group from Churches and Presbytery’s from all over Scotland. I will visit United Mission to Nepal organisation; see the reconstruction work and other work of the UMN and the National Council of Churches in Nepal. My wish also is to be able to visit communities and speak with the people who have been most affected by the earthquake. After visiting Haiti for a month a few years after the 2010 earthquake and working in the community, I saw how a disaster of this magnitude can devastate communities in many ways and am very interested in how the people of Nepal are coping with this and rebuilding their country. Also, I feel it is important to let our congregation know how our prayers and monetary gifts have helped in Nepal and to know that the cups of tea, coffee and cakes we share at our coffee mornings will carry on helping those less fortunate than ourselves in the future.

Ann Morgan – World Church Team


The Church's monthly accounts for year to 31st December 2017 show a breakeven situ-ation after adjusting for donations from bequests and excluding Atkinson Place activities, compared with a deficit of £5,949 in previous year. (These figures are still subject to audit)

Thanks to the support of members , 'Giving' increased in the latter part of the year and we have managed to reduce some costs.

However, the majority of these costs, by their very nature are fixed, so we need to increase our Giving in 2018 by at least 5% just to cover them.

Our Reserves are satisfactory and our cash position is good.

Our Finance Committee has improved our financial governance and management systems by implementing monthly accounts and budgetary control.

It is important that we have a strong financial base to continue God's work in the Parish, but, although the Draft Budget for 2018 shows a small deficit, I am confident, with your support, we can convert this into a positive result.

Please come to our AGM in the Church on Sunday 18th March at 12 noon following the 11am Service.

Bill Borthwick


Help!     Cafe Largo have offered to put on an evening of 60's music as a major fundraiser for the Church on April 14th. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to start the hard work of raising the money for the work that is going to be needed to be done to the Church- regardless of who is responsible for the building.

Without your help and funds raised by us, no one will give us grants; they will all need input from the congregation.

Please can we have helpers to organise planning, publicity, maybe cooking and help on the night.

This is for your Church and its future. Thank you.

Please contact kathreenchurchhall@gmail.com