Rev. John Collard (our Interim Minister)

Dear Friends,

Call to prayer

There have been many encouragements in the life of our congregation in recent weeks. 

The first Sunday in September saw the ordination and admission of ten elders to assist in the work of the guiding and leading the church. On 15th September we held an Away Day for the Kirk Session and spent the time considering what good teamwork looks like, as well as preparing for the Local Church Review which Presbytery be conducting with us in November. This was a great opportunity to bring together the new and existing elders into one team.

I am delighted that we have been able to appoint a new organist – Mr Geoff Davidson—and you can read a bit about him elsewhere in the magazine.

The Kirk Session has also agreed to the appointment of Ivor Waddell as Session Clerk from November and again we are delighted that Ivor has been willing to take on this important task.

However at the heart of all these encouragements needs to be regular and committed prayer.   Without a commitment to seeking God in prayer we are no different to any other club or organisation in the town – wanting to do the best we can for the sake of the congregation and community. Indeed it was at a recent Buildings Group meeting that this reality struck us very   clearly. We were discussing who the church building is for, and quickly established the answers – for congregation and for community. But then someone said ‘Its for God!”

So just as we need to consult with congregation and community over the use and development of our building – so also we need to consult with God. And how do we do that? Prayer.

We are planning a Congregational Consultation about the church building on Sunday 2nd December. The idea is to hold one service that day at 10.00am, followed by coffee in the Hall.  After that we will hold the consultation and finish with a soup and sandwich lunch at 1.00pm. However perhaps the most important part of this is a focus on prayer which we will launch on Sunday 25th November. This will be a challenge to ourselves to come to the consultation the following week not just with our own thoughts and ideas, but having deliberately sought God’s will in the matter. Will you accept the challenge?

Another opportunity for prayer will be the 24 hour Prayer Vigil we plan to hold to coincide with the Festival of Light. From 12 noon on Sunday 14th October to 12 noon on Monday 15th October, we would like each hour of a 24 hour period to be covered by one, two or three individuals. We will use the Upper Room of the Church Hall as our prayer space and will arrange safe access throughout the night. Further information will be available at the church services.

John Collard

Interim Minister