In June we have said goodbye to Rhys Loftus and welcomed Jeanette Peel.

Jeanette Peel is a Ministry student at Glasgow University preparing for full time ministry in the Church of Scotland. Part of the course requirement is a 10 week placement over the summer. Jeanette had chosen to split this into two, spending 6 weeks with us in Kirkcudbright and 4 weeks on placement with the hospital chaplain at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Over the 6 weeks she is with us, Jeanette will be taking part in the full range of activities, worship, pastoral care, organisations, youth work, meetings etc. I know you will give her a warm Kirkcudbright welcome.

Here’s what she says about herself:

“My name is Jeanette Peel and I am looking forward to being on summer Placement with you all. I have lived in Dumfries for many years now after moving up from Cumbria with my family as a child. For the past year I have been on placement at the Border Kirk in Carlisle as I continue my academic studies at the University of Glasgow. Prior to starting my training as a ministry student I was a Parish Assistant at both Dumfries Northwest Church, and with Annandale and Eskdale Presbytery for 2½ years. I also spent many years as a church volunteer taking on a pastoral role and working as chaplain for our local primary schools. I came to my church role after many years as a primary teacher but have also served in the police (when it was Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary) - a while ago now!

My dog, Dan the Greyhound (rescue), stays with me and we enjoy our leisurely walks out. We're hoping for a dry and warm summer to get out more but time will tell... Spare time at the moment is reading for studies as I prepare to write my dissertation and go into my last university year. I am a Strictly fan and enjoy jazz music so I am coming to the right place for the Jazz festival!

Thank you for the opportunity to be with you as I continue my ministry studies.”

Rhys Loftus has been with us for 2 years in his role as Youth Worker. He was appointed to this new role in June 2016, and immediately had to cope with the demands of two bosses, because the appointment is a partnership with the Abernethy Trust at Barcaple. Rhys’ contract was to work with the maintenance team at Barcaple for 3 days and 2 days a week in Youth Work attached to the Parish Church.

Rhys soon proved himself more than capable in this role and in a relatively short period of time he has done a fantastic job in developing the Youth work within the Parish Church. He also acted as a most effective channel of communication between the Barcaple centre and the Parish Church.

A big component of Rhys work in the parish has been with the Primary and Secondary schools and he has shown himself to be an effective communicator who is widely respected by both staff and pupils.  He has been involved in SU groups in both schools as well as helping with football and basketball. These contacts have enabled him to build some very positive relationships.

The work the church youngsters has included Bible study, Sunday School and making a regular contribution to the 9:30am Sunday Service. With the help of volunteers from both Barcaple and the Parish Church he has run a regular Friday Youth Club as well as organising a Holiday Bible Club in the summer.

Rhys is moving to take up a post at a Christian Outdoor Centre in Canada and we wish him God’s richest blessing in this new stage of his life and ministry.

The Kirk Session have agreed to seek another joint appointment with Abernethy Barcaple and this is currently being advertised through the Abernethy website. 


I would like to give up editing the Newsletter with my last issue being September if possible, although I will happily help anyone taking it on for the first couple of issues. Since we gave up the shop we no longer have regular internet access and that is essential. Currently the set up is in Microsoft Publisher and I am very happy to train anyone who has not used this before. If you would like more information, please talk to Kim at Church.

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