January 27th / 28th 2019

During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Kirkcudbright Parish Church will be hosting a 24 Prayer Vigil. This is a great opportunity to spend a significant time in prayer for our town, our churches and our witness to Jesus.

We welcome Christians of every background and denomination to join in. We will use the Upper Room of the Parish Church Hall as our Prayer Space and arrangements will be made for safe access throughout the night.

The Prayer Vigil will be from 12 noon on Sunday 27th January to 12 noon on Monday 28th January.

The expectation is that one, two or three people will take an hour of the vigil throughout the period.

Please sign up online at


Rev John Collard

Interim Minister


Have you recently become a Christian, and thirst to know yet more of the amazing truths about who Jesus was and is; what He taught; why He came to dwell amongst us; and why He chose to sacrifice Himself on the Cross? —- or —-Have you turned in to a tired Christian, in need of refreshment? Has Sunday Church attendance become just a routine, the flame of faith having
diminished over time to a mere smouldering ember? Life’s journey seldom goes smoothly! Bad things happen; loss occurs; our faith can be impacted and become fragile. Some of us will have little difficulty in identifying with the feelings of that famous 18th. Century poet & hymn writer Wm. Cowper. Struggling through a period of darkness and spiritual challenge, he wrote the hymn “O for a closer walk with thee”, in which he gives expression to that cry of a despairing, yet seeking heart: “Where is the Blessedness I knew, when first I met the Lord”? 

If any (or even none!) of the above describes you, or your journey of faith at this time, or if you are simply interested in joining with some of your fellow members of the Kirk session and congregation to re-explore the “Good News” of Jesus teachings and promises in the New Testament, then we hope you will join us! We plan to run an Alpha course commencing on Tuesday 22nd. January 2019 at 7pm. The weekly meetings will be hosted by Rev. John Collard at the manse, where we will be making use of the latest offering in the Alpha series.

Produced in 2018, this series transports us to many different areas of the world, including the Holy Land, which forms background to the talks and discussions being presented. Nothing is “off-limits” in the presentation or subsequent discussion which is offered, and we hope that you will be interested in joining with us for this series of meetings.

P.S. We hope to be able to provide something to satisfy the stomach as well as the soul at these meetings, (soup!) so physical as well as spiritual needs should be fulfilled! 

Kirkcudbright Parish Church

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Kirkcudbright Parish Church is a congregation of the Church of Scotland - we are men and women and young people who meet together for worship, fellowship and service in the name of Jesus Christ.

Our activities and services are open to all - regardless of age, denomination, or sexual orientation. Whether you are a committed Christian or uncertain about what you believe, we would love to meet you and accompany you on your journey of faith.

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