The Spring production by the Parish Players takes place on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st March in the Church Hall at 7.30pm.

There will be two short plays, “Allotment No. 51” by Peggy Hallifax and “To Make Up His Jewels” by Harry Glass.  With a break for tea or coffee (but no sandwiches) in between.

Tickets will be available from the 8th of March at Thomson‘s, Newsagent.  Adults £5; Juniors £3.


This is an advance notice that Christian Aid Week will be from 14th – 20th May this year. We will be asking for your help with the great task of house to house collecting as well as help with the big count in the following week.

If you wish to be more energetic please come along to walk the Kirkcudbright Half Marathon at the end of May.

Failing all of these, Mary Newton has promised more tea and cake at her house, again this year.

If you wish to help in any way or have any fundraising ideas of your own, please contact Linda Kinnell.

Kirkcudbright Parish Church

At the heart of Kirkcudbright, having Kirkcudbright at heart!

We are now in Vacancy

I am pleased to confirm with you that the road to finding a new minister is now out of the starting gate. 

At a recent Presbytery meeting it was passed unanimously that our Interim Moderator is Rev. Valerie Ott.  

As interim moderator Val’s position is to advise Session and Board on all aspects of the vacancy till a new minister is in place. Val will also be moderator at all Session and Board Meetings and has already made herself known to the eldership at a meeting last week. 

I am delighted to welcome Rev. Marion Dixon, one of our own, as Locum. The job means that Marion will take Sunday Services at 11.00am and attend 9.30am service throughout the vacancy.  Marion will also work two days a week on pastoral issues doing hospital visiting, wedding and funerals.

The Church office will be manned Wednesday and Friday morning 9.30am to 1.00pm.  At all other times the answering machine will be on where you may leave a message or call me direct between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm daily, of course if something of an emergency occurs please call at any time.     

I will continue to keep you informed letting you know what is happening and how things need to be tackled.  I am very excited about the prospects ahead of us and hope that you all take the opportunity to participate in the months ahead. 

There will be lots of aspects to consider but still need to ensure the present and improved running of our Church which will be a positive for any prospective minister to evaluate.

Please put the vacancy at the heart of your prayer perhaps asking the Lord for clarity of thought and spiritual guidance for the Session on deciding what we would like/need in our next minister. 

Please share your own thoughts on this by chatting to any of the elders who will make your point known for the discussion. 

Lastly, that the Lord is putting into the heart, of his choice, the desire to take up the Kirkcudbright vacancy.

Welcome to the future; ask yourself, what small thing can I do to help ensure a successful vacancy. 

Irene Robertson
Session Clerk


On Sundays and throughout the week, our congregation offers you a variety of opportunities for fellowship and service, whatever your age or background.  We welcome others of faith and of no faith to join us in journeying with Christ, He who has promised to be with us always.  We are all at different stages of our journeying and a good number of us discover particular friendship and companioning in our four Home Fellowship Groups which meet weekly. 

We have a fine, light and spacious church building dating from 1838 designed by the Scottish Architect William Burn; also a fine purpose-built church hall, with a well equipped kitchen, which provides a meeting place for not a few church and community groups.   A current congregational initiative is looking at the possibility of releasing our fine, but under-used, 175 year-old church building into 7 day-a-week use under local community ownership which we would continue to use alongside other community co-users.  Plans have been drawn up for the development of the building for such multi-community use and discussions with all interested parties are ongoing at the moment.

You, whom God sends our way, however, are our main concern.  Should you consider that we might be of service to you, please be in touch.