Dear Member

Church Income during the Covid-19 Virus Outbreak

I appreciate that the financial position of your Church may not be at the forefront of your concerns at present, but I would ask you to take a moment to consider the following.

Much of Kirkcudbright Parish Church’s regular income is, in normal times, collected during the Sunday Church service through Open Plate Offerings or FWO and Weekly GiftAid Envelopes.

Of course, with the Church closed and services not likely to resume for many weeks, this method of contributing is not now available to us.

However, we still need your contributions as the work of the Church continues and, indeed, increases in times of hardship.

We will also be denied other sources of income e.g. from our stall at the Country Fair and from catering at the Jazz Festival.

I therefore would encourage you to continue preparing your weekly offering as usual, and if you are able/willing place it in the new red letter box at the side door to the Church Hall.

I will then arrange for the money to be collected and banked.  If you unable to do this, your Elder may be able to help.

Offerings by bank payments, e.g. Standing Orders, etc. should continue as at present.

Of course, if you need any other kind of help with food deliveries etc., please contact your Elder.

Thank You,

Bill Borthwick                         James Gatherer
Treasurer                               Minister   


Well, could you have guessed - how swiftly life can change in just 4 weeks? Just a month ago, for most of us, it was business as usual, as we busied ourselves with work or daily routines: attendance at lots of interest groups, attendance at church services, Bible study groups, art groups, history groups, running groups, Rotary, Probus, Inner Wheel etc. etc. —- and in a town like Kirkcudbright, the list of possibilities is endless - not to mention all our social get-togethers in tea rooms, cafes, lunch groups, & just having friends round to our homes. Suddenly all of these elements of “normal” daily life have been snatched away by concerns caused by an invisible enemy, a virus, which has not just stopped normal daily social life in Kirkcudbright, but around the world. No wonder people are somewhat apprehensive, and it is important therefore that we come together at this time and reach out to each other, especially to the elderly and those living alone.

We can do this by simply making that telephone call to someone - ask how they are getting on - do they need help with anything etc. Our new minister, Rev. James Gatherer and Session Elders will be looking at how we can help others in these difficult times.

With our Church Newsletter likely to have a couple of unexpectedly blank pages for the next few editions (no Events, no Services!) maybe you could drop an e-mail to the Editor with some ideas for filling-in the gaps created by the crisis measures — or maybe just some news you would like to share with our Church community, or perhaps share your tips for coping in these unusual times. Simply send the e-mail to:

I’ll look forward to hearing from you! 

Howard Brown

Kirkcudbright Parish Church

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Kirkcudbright Parish Church is a congregation of the Church of Scotland - we are men and women and young people who meet together for worship, fellowship and service in the name of Jesus Christ.

Our activities and services are open to all - regardless of age, denomination, or sexual orientation. Whether you are a committed Christian or uncertain about what you believe, we would love to meet you and accompany you on your journey of faith.

We hope you will find useful information on these pages and if you'd like further information - please get in touch - the details are on the 'Contacts' page.

Important Notice

During the COVID-19 health crisis the Sunday services at Kirkcudbright Church have been cancelled until further notice.  Our new Minister Rev James Gatherer will be with us in April and more news may be found on this website or on the Rev James Gatherer's own website which can be found at